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  1. I have a rooted Dell Streak 5 running on MIUI 2.4.2 ROM... I was using Streak Radio for a while but was having difficulties below: 1. Radio volume cannot be controlled. It operates on full volume normally. When a call comes or alarm goes off, volume falls to very low levels. 2. When a call comes, radio does not stop automatically. Radio sound and caller voice get mixed up and we cannot hear what they are saying. 3. When call ends, radio does not start automatically. Glad to tell you guys that I have found a nice solution to all these problems :P I bought Sony Ericsson MW600 bluetooth headset. This is a bluetooth hands-free and has an in-built radio too. Sound clarity is excellent. I can control the volume, radio automatically stops when a call comes and automatically starts again when call is ended. You can also use it to hear songs with excellent clarity. Just thought to inform everyone using Dell Streak 5 because I was really annoyed by the limitations in the in built radio.

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