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  1. Cracked my display badly after dropping the phone twice while drunk :(
  2. Im flashing it today to my wifes phone, i trimmed it down 30mb or so. So its a nice light version, with hopefully plenty of ram free :)
  3. Why would anyone test it without any description what it is or what does it change?
  4. Im glad about v967s cause the roms for it are dryed out and zte is no longer selling v967s/v987s
  5. What about antutu score in v4? People on needrom reporting 21000 score compared to 31000 in v3.
  6. Coolpad F1 is awesome device for small amount of money.
  7. I switched from 4" g300 to 5" and its really not that big. I lm now looking into 5,5" phone. F1 is best buy right now and you should reconsider it.
  8. Why the f*** mods wont make separate forum for this phone? Someone should ask them too, there is too much roms and everything should be sorted the right way. This phone is becoming more popular then g300.
  9. Better solution then adaway is lucky patchers adblock. It doesnt consume ram and blocks all ads
  10. ^have you flashed it? Does it contain chinese apps?
  11. Ok i flashed Color Os. Its beautiful but the most laggy rom i tryed. Even after removing bunch of apps. Also camera says its 13mpix and 1080p but its not. It still.makes 5mpix photos and 720p videos.
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