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  1. No, I didn't because it was easier with OTA, and besides this I don't have any problems. Thanks for the answer. I will retry after a clean install. Cheers
  2. Unfortunately I cannot install apps, it says I'm out of space even if it's plenty on both SD Card and internal. Any ideas? Thanks for the great ROM.
  3. Noticed that on R2 the battery life was better than R3. Is it just me?
  4. This ROM is great. It has a lot of great features. Unfortunately the Flash Player problem bothers me. Did anyone found a workaround so far? Cheers
  5. I had the caller id lag until I cleaned up my SMS messages. Maybe it helps.
  6. I tried Google Now with B06 and it works fine. Great work!
  7. the thing is that i have an allbackup and i cannot restore my notes with another app.
  8. b07 doesn't have notes app anymore. can someone upload an apk please?
  9. I would also like to have the haptic feedback on call answer.
  10. On the stock ROM I had a short vibration when the called person answered, is there any way to have this on Infusion?
  11. I have a nandroid backup for the very first rom. the gb one. I have the all backup app from huawei which is quite good and easy to use. it will not be a problem. Thanks for the answer.
  12. I've installed B05 few days ago. For an update to B06 I need to do again the steps from "how to install" section or there is another faster way? Sorry for the noob question.
  13. is there any way to bring back the short vibration when the called person answers?
  14. Like degady64 pointed out, it would be wonderful to have the stock huawei phone and people apps from gingerbread. not sure if it's possible, at least something similar. Another thing is that when people call me it displays first the number and only after 8-9 seconds it shows me the name of the person from the agenda. You are doing a great job. Your ROM is very smooth

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