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  1. Hello.. I am just flash the last rom... but I can't mount the ext3 partition in Link2SD.. try to follow soem info on the web about CM7 - link2sd... but nothing.. sometimes it say it is busy.. and other time... invalid argument... Any ideas?
  2. Hello... I get one ZTE Skate with the new screen are been selling in Spain by Yoigo... I get some issues about the screen controller it is different than other SKATE... Now I'm trying to install a cooked ROM, but each time I try to flash a TPT via "VOL UP + Menu + Power" it flash the TPT, and restart, I supposed, in the recovery, but the screen it is black... screen change get light... but black... than i cant flash any ROM... I try several different TPT files... even create from the same cell phone with TPT helper and with the own chef made and let in theirs distro... Someone could help me? Thanks in advance...
  3. Now, these cellphone arrive to the hand of my mother... Right now it have Infusion B6... but it is having problems with the WIFI and restarting the phone... ¿Which ROM it is recommended for normal and everyday use? Thanks in advance!
  4. It is normal with B06 the Wifi get out.. but the signal level change in gray color?
  5. How it is going on Dazz? It is enough Stable for a mother could use it everyday without I suffer an nervous attack? thanks!
  6. Why OTA updater say "Invalid ROM (InfG300) & device (hwu8815) combo!". Device : hwu8815 ROM : Infussion B270812 ROM Version : B03 (27/08/2012 16:00:00) OTA Updater ID : InfG300 Can be fix? or I update through recovery? thanks!
  7. Someoen ask Dazzozo if his oven are not broken? I think we need to put everyone one pound and buy new one for him! ;)
  8. Wow Dazzozo! It smeel like it the oven bell will ring soon... I love the smell of fresh rom baking in the morning! Thanks a lot Dazzozo!
  9. One question... which one was the program Dazzozo include for handle the sound? DSP Manager? thanks!
  10. Hello, Now I have a Huawei G300, and one of the bug things i miss from HTC Sense, it is the wigdet with the double clock, one for local area and another for the place you want... and i cant find a clock like that... Anyone could recommended me some? IF it could have weather stuff will be perfect... And one thing i liek from Huawaie launcher, and i not have it anymore, its the wigdet you can see a calendar... a full month... any recommendation? Thanks and regards.
  11. You never try do it before? It is quite difficult... Dazzozo must teach both Kernel "FUSION" technique... and usually kernel are not so smarts! jejejeje FUUUUUSIOOOOON!!!! Go Dazzozo! Go!
  12. are you talking about China or Europe? Will come soon the D1 quad or XL europe? thanks!
  13. Sorry! I not want to discover any bug! I really know the camera it is not working... just let a commnet about why now, after google translator use camera for transalte it is hang up... them jsut deserve half face palm! :P
  14. I feel problems with SKype and Google Translator.. I think it is about problems with the camera.. they try acces... and broken...
  15. Flash as OP.. and flash right! Just little strange... when i try open windows... get it black... jsut repeat... great works! Edit: Someone had probelms with google translate? I delete and isntall several time, but lways hang up...
  16. What? them Helly bean it is Hardware Accelerated ui on? Already? or next launch? best regards.
  17. Hey Dude! you are really fast! them.. after the BT, camera... what more do you think need for Helly Jean become perfect... Accelerate Hardware UI? Overclock? Im expecting next release to try it hard! Them... you want donation or the spanish holidays? not answer yet! :P
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