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  1. Hi all I have the hudl1 I turn it on it shows the powered by android screen, then a battery icon in middle of screen and turns off. I put it on charge, same again but the charging battry stays on but does not charge?? Have done a reset in recovery and via the button at the back.. Am a little miffed with this Any ideas please
  2. Becuase i reran the fastboot bit and got the bootloader info.. how else eh.. i mean realy come on
  3. i had same mail. mailed them back nad they sent me a code that looks like? CE457E570EDD5B73 ?? this look write to you?
  4. Send it back OR sell it to Speilverg to use for the remake of Poltergeist ;-0
  5. Nice work dude. Both on my wifes phone and daughters.. Btw make u smile got that tv catchup app off market place it works on one fone but not on the other lol
  6. Just wondering does the G300 support HD Voice? The Three network in the uk support this feature but how do you enable it?
  7. Has this been made free to unlock yet?
  8. Hi Guys not sure which forum to post this in so applogies to all Just wondering does anyway know of a free unlock for this?
  9. Yup they do add it back takes a couple of days but for 69 quid u can not moan :-0
  10. Bought a second for my daughter for 69 quid from www.very.co.uk User a 30 quid off coupon to get it down that low .. Google for them. But for now heres one for 25 quid 33XKJ U have to open a credit account though. No biggy as opened it up bought the thing paid full amount off on card then shut the account. Also was SIM FREE :-0 and didnt have to buy a stupid evoucher
  11. Dude very easy. All you need is odin and a cwm locate Siyah kernal for the s2 and flash it follow all instructions for odin.
  12. Very odd updated wifes phone with this ROM installed Songpop that worked on infusion ROM.. it loads then its quits right away? Any ideas? Also have now flashed Omegas Kernal still same problem
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