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  1. Hi All, i've noticed issue with audio routing and the new effem app. Let me try to describe it briefly : If i stop listening radio by pressing the stop button, then unplug the headset and close the app, sound keep routed to the headset indstead of speaker ... the only way is then to reboot the blade... is there any workaround ? Anyway, great work Daemond, and may thanks to keep our blade alive... Bonne soirée ..:)
  2. Yep, exactly the same issue here. Able to pair my headset only once. Anyway, great job guys ...
  3. Hi all, Does anybody knows how to increase the microphone sensitivity while in call with speaker on ? People are always saying that they cannot hear me properly. I went through most of the setting but did'nt found anything. Any idea ? Thanks in advance for your help. PS: KonstaT, thanks for your interest to our blade ...
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