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  1. KonstaT , Can you please share the adhoc patch? I'm planning to compile it into my room :) thanks in advance.
  2. after upgrading to galaxy s2, I respect more than before for developers who are still maintaining this device and keeping it up with all the best roms out there.
  3. Also MIUI is not yet compatible with android 4.2.x.
  4. Are you crazy? the CPU of ZTE Blade already has 65nm which is itself big source of heat and overvolting it will make its liquid. You better change your request to undervolting Kernel, that might be useful.
  5. Do this: http://www.modaco.com/topic/339048-guide-flashing-firmware-to-bladelibra-via-windows/ Do that at your own responsibility i am not responsible in case you brick you device.
  6. It uses simple aircrack technique to find passwords which i once tried on ubuntu ages ago. This is totally useless specially when passwords is encrypted with 32 and above bits. This will requires a LOT of time and in the end it might be unsuccessful. and as for that link, same technique is ported on android smartphones for portability thats all.
  7. yes, i agree but still its best rom i ever used and ICS can't be better than this one on ZTE Blade.
  8. instead posting 3 posts for same topic just press green up arrow icon, This will keep the thread clean as well as also encourage poster.
  9. *Warning* Please do no use it with KonstaT's latest build, if you created mount script using that your SD card will become corrupt and it does mine. I dont want this to happen with others Unfortunately i lost 8 GB SD Card, meh :(
  10. Callabirate your battery after 100% charging via 3rd party app Or you might has faulty charger/data cable whatever you use to charge, I recommend you to charge your phone with different charger/data cable and check.
  11. i see, got it. BTW same advise i was about to give him, I hope now he has solved the issue.
  12. why dont you use sim card then? Good luck sir, I wont be surprised if you went back to blade after using it for 1 week.
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