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  1. If a new build is on the cards, I'd love to try it. I'm still on B926 and want a change. out of interest, how good is the current build for general use? The OP says the Ui is a bit dodgy? The camera on B926 is so bad I don't care about not having it, tbh, and I don't use Bluetooth. Do let us know what you decide, Dazzozo, as if you decide against a new build just yet I might try the existing one. edit: also, sorry about this but what's audio routing? Does that mean the earpiece won't work during calls? That could be problematic.
  2. A write up including a comparison with the Desire I did when I got my G300: http://letsgodslr.blogspot.com/2012/06/huawei-ascend-g300-and-cyanogenmod-9.html Definitely get a G300. I hated my Desire because of the rubbish internal memory and how slow the bloody thing was. And regarding Hpez's comments - I tried an awful lot of HTC Desire ROMs and was never happy. I thought MIUI was the best of the bunch. When I got my G300 a month ago, there was no working ICS (I thought Sandvold's was a mess - bootloops, not even booting, etc, after several install attempts I gave up. Longest install lasted about a day.). On the G300 you have an official, factory ICS and it's made all the difference to me.
  3. Give it a few shots. I've run it 3 times now and have got ~2600 and ~2850 as well. @ovecka, I'd happily give up some speed for ICS over GB. :D
  4. Yes, if you're running AtomicMod I think you already have some of the things you need (not sure about BusyBox, though). Just thought I'd share that my phone on B926 racks up a score of 2914 on AnTuTu, which seems okay.
  5. Is there any point in using v6 supercharger on this ROM, tillaz? Or have you already made those mods to it? Can anyone compare this in terms of speed to a supercharged B926?
  6. Simply because RC9 is what I use and have experience with. Anyone know how to "update" to RC10? Zeppelinrox says to wipe caches before you update, but I don't really know what I'm supposed to do. (Also I don't think there's any great advantage in going to RC10, is there?)
  7. Don't know why the source link changed. Fixed it now. Thanks for the heads up. For users who are having apps misbehave - as jikobutsu says, make sure zipalign and fix emissions on boot is enabled. If it already is, either try an sclean or hop back into the script and look through the options and try running them manually (options 20 and 21).
  8. Titanium Backup - copies all user data. Can only be restored on top of an existing Android install. Can be useful for migrating all your data and apps from one ROM to another. Sometimes restores are a little funny, especially if restoring onto a different ROM that you backed up on. CWM (Nandroid backup) - backs up EVERYTHING on the phone, including the Android install. If something happens, you can use it to restore the phone to exactly as it is at the time of back up. If you're not going to be fiddling with your phone and aren't going to be changing ROMs, Titanium Backup is fine.
  9. Credit goes to Zeppelinrox, a user over on XDA who made V6 Supercharger. You can find his official thread here. DISCLAIMER: If your phone explodes or otherwise ceases to work, it’s none of my business. I think that’s somewhat unlikely, however. Make a Nandroid backup just in case. I'm not going to be doing doing much troubleshooting, because it'll probably be over my head. Most changes the superchanger makes are reversible, however, from within the script, and it backs up files before it modifies them. Plus you've always got that Nandroid to go back to if need be, right? What is V6 Supercharger? Long story short, it’s a memory management script. It takes about 15-20 minutes to install and has made a world of difference to my G300 on B926 (ICS). It will work with Gingerbread too. This guide will cover the basics of what you need to get started and have it ticking along happily, as it’s a little bit tricky to get going if you don’t know what you’re doing. Before you get started I recommend trying to scroll through your app drawer as fast as you can and seeing if you can make it lag. Then give it a shot afterwards. On my phone the difference is like night and day. Requirements: · G300 on pretty much any firmware (this guide will cover stock ROMs but non stock ones shouldn’t be too different). · Root · ScriptManager (Free version here, premium ad free here). Once you’ve got it, bring up the menu and go to More > Advanced options > Configuration and tick Browse as Root. · Optional: Terminal emulator On with the install! 1. Download and extract this to the root of your SD card. Also download this and put it there too. (For both, Right Click > Save Target As) NOTE: These links are direct from Zeppelinrox’s “Starter Kit Thread” – If they go down, go to the thread and what you need is SuperCharger_Starter_Kit_RC9.zip (this is the one you unzip and put in SD root) and V6_SuperCharger_for_Android-Update9_RC9.sh.pdf (it’s not a pdf. You have to right click and save it. 2. Go to scriptmanager and run /sdcard/SuperCharger_Starter_Kit/StartMeUp.sh/ You must Run it as root (press the button with Su on it). It should complete and tell you it’s all done. 3. Still in script manager run the "V6_SuperCharger_for_Android-Update9_RC9.sh.pdf" (also as root). You might as well hit Fav as well to favourite it because in all likelihood you will be using this script more than once. The script will at this point check that you have busybox and a bunch of other things installed. After this, hit enter and you should enter initial set up. The script will give you a bunch of options. I’m not going to go over these in depth, other than to say that for scrolling speed, 1 is fastest, 3 is slowest. Pick 1. Everything else I would recommend saying yes to. Especially using the calculated values of minfrees. After this, the script will detect if you are running ICS and ask you if you want it to patch you services.jar. You MUST DO THIS or it will not work. Use the automatic method which it offers you. Let it do this and afterwards it will ask you if you want to Superclean and Reboot (wipe dalvik cache and reboot) – say yes. Your phone will now reboot and the apps will optimise. This may take a bit of time. 4. Now what you want to do is run the script again now that you’ve rebooted. It will check if you are Supercharged or not. If you’re on a stock ROM, in all likelihood, this will pop up: Note how it says we are only 50% super charged! (The observant amongst you will also notice Nitro Lag Nullifier is not installed and nor is Bulletproof Apps. I wouldn’t bother with either of these, especially the Lag Nullifier as it kills WiFi on the G300. They are easily undone, however, if you want to give them a shot later on). It will also open up the user guide, which you should read if you’re not on a stock ROM. If, on the other hand, you are on a stock ROM, just hop back into Scriptmanager and run /data/99Supercharger.sh Once again, run it as root and this time you need to hit Boot so that it runs on boot, or it won't work properly. 5. Reboot the phone once more, and run the V6 Script (see why it’s in your favorites?) and let it check your system. This time it should tell you that you are 100% Supercharged. From here, you’re also now free to fiddle with the settings, etc. Note that your launcher should be Hard to Kill, and Zeppelinrox no longer recommends making the launcher Die-Hard or Bulletproof. The latter two will prevent your phone from killing the launcher when you desperately need memory, like when you’re in a game. Maintenance: About once a week, or when you feel the phone getting a bit laggy, you need to wipe your dalvik cache and reboot. There’s a few ways you can do this. The easiest way, in my opinion, is to go into Android Terminal Emulator and type su and hit enter and then hit sclean and hit enter. Your phone will reboot and should be ticking away happily. And that’s about it! I’m sure there’s some stuff I’ve forgotten, but I’ll post this now anyway and add to it if necessary.
  10. Stokietom, there is a script you need to run on boot, as it turns out. Go into scriptmanager and make /data/99SuperCharger.sh run as root and on boot. I think I'm going to post a full guide up on how to install V6 tomorrow. It really is excellent. It wasn't working properly because that script wasn't set to run on boot but now it's fixed it's like night and day. A truly essential bit of modding, imo.
  11. Once restored can't you just back it up with 5irom and then restore with that on new ROMs?
  12. Is there any particular reason to upgrade to this? I'm reading the other, rather long thread and can't see much point if you've installed Gapps on B926.
  13. I'm using Swype and it's pretty good. Was using SwiftKey 3 prior to it but it's not very good on ICS on the G300 for some reason.
  14. Another feature of Apex is you can tell it not to kill the launcher ever so it will never redraw. Obviously may effect other apps.
  15. I've used CM9, stock, AtomicMod and am now on B926 and in my opinion it is up the best of them. I cannot fathom why anyone would want to be on gingerbread, and CM9 still has some features missing. -Install B926 -Disable 2D lock -Install Apex Launcher. Then uninstall the stock one using Titanium Backup. -If you're not happy with the speed, head over to the "improve memory management using ICS" thread and go to my guide on Page 3. Sorted.
  16. Which launcher are you using? I'm using Apex on B926 and there's hardly ever a redraw. It's there ready to go. And now I've done this V6 Supercharger malarky and the phone is even quicker. Now getting 1800 on Quadrant, which is what I was getting on B888. B)
  17. It's a script you need to keep running. Or you can do it manually. It just cleans your Dalvik cache and reboots you phone. It says to run it once a week.
  18. To the guys who've had it installed for ages, how often do you run Sclean?
  19. To the guys who've had it installed for ages, how often do you run Sclean?
  20. Yup. Far less lag. App drawer pops up instantly, WhatsApp opens in about a second rather than 5. Much, much better. Worth the effort.
  21. Right then, chaps. Here's your guide, which I've managed to muddle through. I really, really don't know why he doesn't clean up his mess of a thread. 1. Download ScriptManager (Free version here, premium ad free here) 2. Download and extract this to the root of your SD card. Also download this and put it there too. 3. Go to scriptmanager and run /sdcard/SuperCharger_Starter_Kit/StartMeUp.sh/ (Run it as root) 4. Still in script manager run the "V6_SuperCharger_for_Android-Update9_RC10_Test_9.sh.pdf" (also as root)Say yes to basically everything. Boom.
  22. When I run the script, it doesn't ask me anything. It just goes to work. Then it says it's finished. :s
  23. But it doesn't offer me any sort of service centre thing or any options and it doesn't mention that.
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