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  1. No apps can be moved to usb storage. Only two are listed as downloaded and they are app store and google services Not signed into app store, no account set up. It got fair few games if could delete might make room for what ever it is installing. My battery is still very good. my nephew only 10 and want youtube etc so should be fine. Phone is still snappy for it age and spec I used phone for about a year before replacing it.
  2. I know it an old phone but was good and wanted give it to my nephew. It has 2GB internal and 10.69GB USB storage. As soon as you connect it to wifi can watch the internal space fill up, literally. I cannot remove blaotware as not rooted yet, might look at this but I'm not so good with this. Will reread the root thread again. But why does it fill the 2GB within minutes?
  3. I have a Sony Tablet P 3G. Great tablet and from looking here unpopular. It seems to not host :( I did try to root it then found you cannot root a r5a firmware :( Just asking if anyone knew how to get usb host? Thanks guys.
  4. Cannot see a sub forum under Samsung so I'll put it here. My Mega does odd things sometimes. My phone is NEVER turned off. Once battery goes orange down to about 8-5% to charge it but never turned off. Sometimes some things dont work so well. But If I turn off then on again all is fine. I am forced to do this once every 2-3 months. Is the cache or something getting clogged? Im no expert or anything (as you can tell from my posts). Can I do anything or just reboot once in a while? BTW its a great phone/tablet!
  5. I have a chinese tablet, the Sanei N10 with built in 3G Been using it for almost a year now and love it. OK so single core CPU lowish RAM and Adreno GPU, but does what I want 98% the time. Anyway the issue is: The same as many really app space. Internal storage: 1.32GB plus 1.76GB The 1.76GB being classed as SD card. apps2SD and similar apps only move apps to this 1.76GB part of the internal storage. I have a 32GB ext SD card in the tablet. I looked about and seen some talk of rooting then can move apps to ext SD Not sure how to root this tablet, if its even possible. I can not update the megapolis app as not enough space. (have now deleted few apps to make room) I have 124 apps on the tablet, some came with it I cannot remove. Im not a programmer, I like to tinker but not good at it (3 bricked tablets at home). Anyone else have this tablet or have moved apps to ext SD before?
  6. Well I bought a Scroll Pocket tablet to play with while in bed or in car. Its 4.3" screen is tiny but the touch is amazing, better than any other tablet (bar a few e.g. asus/samsung/etc) I have used so far. Thing is if I turn it off for a hour or two all is fine but leave it off over night and it forgets date and time but NOT anything else. It keeps wifi settings and all my app data just not the date and time. I turned off auto data and time from network, I prefer to set it myself. Any one have any ideas? Scroll have agreed to replace the unit for me, once I fill in the defective unit form they emailed me last nite. I love the tablet even if screen res is low, it does have the play store even though box and website says it does not. even after two factory resets still not keeping date and time :(
  7. I have had a look but did not see anything. I would like to know if anyone has got the OSD to read a usb flash drive. I got a micro to usb cable from a tablet and the light comes on, on the usb drive but thats it. It seems it will not mount it, is it possible? thanks.
  8. Im using the Orange ISC update did it over the wifi at work. Most the issues are now gone after ten reboots :) Time is now working as it used to stop in top corner but go to set date and time it was correct :( but thats all ok. Google contacts all syncing now fine WITH photos :) But my problem thats annoying is the message icon on the dock at bottom of screen no longer has a number on it say there is a message. Not end of world but in 2.3 it had a number to say how many texts unread. Now its only in the status bar and I have missed a few txts from my partner who then rings me to see if everything is ok (im disabled so she worries) Also all message ARE now showing up too! I think it needed a few reboots to get itself sorted. Any ideas on this? or another app that WILL show clearly a text incoming?
  9. I only just did the update. Looks good and I like the new keyboard. However I got the message app on bottom of home screen but I do not get a number on the icon like I did before the update. Only get notification on status bar. OK so not end of world so when I go to messages the last message from my girlfriend is NOT THERE! Its also upset my message as they not in right order, its like dates are wrong. I reset them after the update as it WAS wrong then but not now. Will see if it settles down after a few reboots. Also my contact photos are not syncing with google :(
  10. OK so my partner bought me a Freelander PD10 tablet with twin sim card slots (one for phone one for 3G). Thing is that the "people" app will not sysnc with google contacts. It will sync with skype and facebook and corporate but not gmail, no gmail account link in settings. does anyone know how to sync the people app with gmail So I may send txts from the tablet or even call from the tablet? It keeps asking for me to use the numbers on the sim, there is none as they are all on Gmail. Many thanks for ANY help offered.
  11. My SD had full signal in the top notification bar but on the orange widget that shows wifi, battery and signal it had none. 3G was on notification bar and was green to show connected but I was not able to send a txt, recieve a call of open a broswer yet my girlfriends Samsung Galaxy SIII on same network could. I went to orange today as yesturday almost no signal all day :( They said there is no problem with the SD and that if it continues I should factory reset the phone and if it still continues then I should go back for replacement. Thing is this issues is intermittent for me and has only happened twice since my contract started about 6 mounths ago. Guess have to put up with it for another 18 months then get new phone.
  12. Thank you. Will download a stock rom then flash to ICS. but will wait until my pad has been sent off and come back from repair as my touchscreen is doing my head in.
  13. yeah just host mode. everything else works great!
  14. I have given up on the viewpad for now. No matter what I do it just will not use the USB like it used to in viewcomb :( found my dock last nite at midnight so will see it it works in that next week as im sooo busy right now. I now using a Sumvision Astro tablet with 4.0 out the box 7" screen. Down side is small screen and no support for USB hub like the viewpad. Im sending my viewpad off for the touch screen repair early next week. When I get it back (unless the reapirers can do it) anyone on here wanna take a look at mine for a small fee? This forum has THE BEST support of any forum I use!
  15. flashed it but gone back to Beta 3. RC2 has no wifi :( Still astro cannot see my pen drive. "directory does not exist" OI file manager can sometimes see the pen drive contents. I think my tablet has USB issues as even trying viewcomb USBs are same but they used to work before viewing this thread and upgrading :( But at least Im up and running now with beta3 and have wifi.
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