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  1. SpLinterOgr

    [ROM]BRO edition by 55

    What size of system partition must be?
  2. SpLinterOgr

    [ROM]BRO edition by 55

    Cool ROM. Very fast and beauty.But I have problem with languages. Only Chinese, even after language patch installation. And when I pressing "home" button nothing happens. Any ideas?
  3. Did you create ext3 partition on your sd card? Link2sd work fine for me.
  4. Yep. You have to go to Settings -> System -> Status bar -> Brightness control and mark the check box. It works for me.
  5. First of all, guys, sorry for deluding you. My English language skills failed me. My question was about flash, not flashlight or torch. Flash doesn't work in any camera app: Camera, Camera 360, Camera FX and so on... And one more question: sometimes phone suddenly hangs up and then goes to reboot. It can be in any app, I don't find any correlation.
  6. Sorry for that question. I posted from phone, and forget to search topic. I'm ashamed I turn off Next word predictions. Seems like this helps. Thank you.
  7. Does only I have problems with flashlight? It's doesn't work :( And does any one use Swype and have problem and lags with typing word letter by letter?
  8. Thank you! It means I'm not so dumb as I though :D P.S. Great ROM. Great support. Cheers!
  9. Holy crap. I'm really noob. :'( Seems like it was preinstalled in other mods I've tryed before on my Desire Z and Blade.
  10. Great! But I'm sorry for my noobability =\\ 1. I downloaded it. 2. TPT 200 40 200. 3. Install zip from SD card - 28062012-cm9-blade2.zip 4. Install zip from SD card - gapps-ics-20120429-signed.zip 5. Reboot. Still no gmail, maps, etc... :(
  11. Yes. Downoladed. And flash it. After reboot SF2 hangs on Green Andy and nothing else happens :D I have to go now, but tonight will continue execution :)
  12. Hi Amphoras. How's your exams? Can you create a TPT with 230 40 170 for SF2? Because on latest ICS CM9 there is an error "Not enough space for extras". Here is discussion - Thank you.
  13. Where can I get TPT 230 40 170? Clockwork Recovery is already I have missed google aps: gmail, maps etc. However I instaled gapps with CWM.
  14. Hello! Trying to flash my new SF2 but get an error "Not enough space for extras. Skipping..." My steps. 1. Flash TPT Option 4 (200 40 200); 2. Flash 15062012-cm9-blade2.zip with CWM Recovery Where is my mistake? Thank you. UPD. The same error with CWM Recovery

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