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  1. In the first line I meant "if 4.3" like, it's hard to tell now... Even Gmail is at 4.5 now ang KLP is often considered as 5.0
  2. I'm not a developer, but if it'll be "4.3",which is often named after the predecessors" jelly bean" and in dev. files "project K" what seems to be "project key lime pie" or anything else, google said this release of android will do better on low-end phone than the previous ones, even though now the single core 1ghz etc. So sgs-level phones are the low-end, I guess porting or development will be on our phones and hopefully it'll be more stable than ever. P. S. : if any mistakes.... Sorry my English
  3. I know but it's pretty cool anyways... (but I moved back to konstakang ics :/)
  4. just got back from vacation... working camera?!! I'm installing! :'D
  5. ...and kernel but these are the only things, so devs like tilal started to make ROMs, who does not even have blade (well... not anymore to be exact) but yeah, I'm the brave one, who uses ROMs like this in daily use and I'm pretty amazed! this ROM is great! faster than tilal's 4.0.4 (haven't used Konsta's) and just works smooth the only things to mention, what should be fixed is the Play Store app - force closes even in background and the camera is a big need. I'm thinking about going back to ICS untill camera will be fixed, but I'm so used to JB after a week of use... :(
  6. I was just about to ask you if you will port Jelly Bean to the blade but now I can calm down and sit back and just watch and enjoy your awesome worlk like you did on ICS
  7. True, I tried it too at firs on my Blade and then on a Tab 10.1 but AFTER installing it says it does not support my device... seems legit microsoft
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