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  1. I dont know if it has been covered already but isn't it possible to backup an unlocked bootloader so that others can install it?
  2. This launcher is great. Feels like a new phone. Very smooth and good looking animations.
  3. Before this bootloader I always used the one from Genokolar and had random reboots on every ROM
  4. I believe this new bootloader is unlocked too, just done right ;) I did a reboot, yes. I think a bootloader is only used while booting so I did a reboot.
  5. I had constant reboots on every rom after unlocking the bootloader and/or installing cwm recovery. I tried official update.app and left everything else and the reboots have gone completely. Then I just unlocked the loader and the reboots started again but I wanted to use CWM 10.1 so it's okay :) Right now I'm using llama to automatically switch to 2g when the screen goes black and switch back to 3g when the screen turns back on. It's stable since then and I can live with that setup. I'm still eager to try relocking the bootloader though, to get rid of that extra app.
  6. How to lock the bootloader again? I was looking around but couldnt find a solution.
  7. Is okay, no problem. The problem I have is not a slow download but a 500 server error :) Edit: It's working now, sorry for the trouble!
  8. UbuntuOne seems to have some problems, can anyone make a mirror of thats okay for Tillaz?
  9. For the "normal" public.. You can get it already when you are a member of Technet, MSDN and other subscription programs.
  10. It's in Settings -> System -> OTA update
  11. Yes and yes IF you are on Baseband 2030. Or install the superuser.apk.zip via CWM.
  12. Great rom, thank you for the update!
  13. I might found a bug, not sure if it's just me though: I dont have any contacts in the phone app. Not showing them from the SIM-Card nor from Google. It's just empty. Edit: When I import my SIM-contacts to google it shows them in phone app. So the only problem for me is that the SIM-Card isn't being read directly.

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