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  1. Never mind, I got it. Flashed the Middle Package then the official firmware update. BOOM.
  2. What's the best way to revert back from this to stock GB? I've been trying to flash the original Voda GB firmware over this using the power off -> volume up & down method with little success, it always hangs up with just the pink bar.
  3. Colin Whiteside

    smashed screen :/

    The screen is the most expensive part of the device by far, and since the whole thing is one bonded piece of equipment now instead of separate parts for the glass and the display there's not much you can do except eat the cost and be paranoid about it for the rest of never-ending eternity.
  4. Colin Whiteside

    N7 slow down / laggy

    Yeah, it's because of slow IO speeds, once something is resident in RAM things are fine but if you've got any transfer of data to the local storage cache or the SD card things go to hell. A typical example would be that when it attempted to do a background update in Currents, syncing data into Currents' offline cache, it locked the device up almost completely until the update finished, some tens of seconds later. That no longer happens.
  5. Colin Whiteside

    N7 slow down / laggy

    Mine is definitely snappy as hell. Judging from the instructions to delete a few MB of files I reckon it was a TRIM issue then,
  6. Colin Whiteside

    N7 slow down / laggy

  7. Colin Whiteside

    N7 slow down / laggy

    The latest OTA will apparently fix this issue when it arrives in the UK. Should hit in the next couple of days.
  8. Colin Whiteside

    N7 slow down / laggy

    Two priests, one old and one young... Seriously though, factory resetting it might help in the short term but it's down to Google now to patch it.
  9. Colin Whiteside

    N7 slow down / laggy

    It's definitely not an Android issue, as my phones have been fine, it's an Asus-using-slow-storage issue. The Transformer series and Nexus 7 both score terribly in storage benchmarks. Anyway, got mine swapped for a C90K unit in HMV, which is working fine for now but I'm in no rush to fill it up and find out.
  10. Hey Tillaz, still running the previous version with the SMS patch you put up, and it's developed the SMS app problem again (crashing, not getting texts until you go into the SMS app, etc). Almost missed some very important stuff as a result! Also, at some point a few nights ago it seemed to have locked up for about 6 hours. Woke up with the battery run down from 60% to 14% and the battery graph showing no data for the majority of the past 8 hours, uptime down as only 45 minutes.
  11. I've flashed the patch and all seems to be working fine! Out of curiosity, what were the sources of the problems with the stock app?
  12. You are indeed God Tier, Tillaz. I'll flash it ASAP.
  13. Colin Whiteside

    N7 slow down / laggy

    Yeah, it might be time to try that. I'm seriously considering just getting a refund and buying something else. I don't particularly want to, as I quite like the device otherwise, but at present there seems to be no guarantee that it won't happen on newly-released devices.
  14. Had some fun with this yesterday, it seemed the Messaging app crashed (often) and seemingly lost a bunch of received messages without actually displaying them. No sent messages went out of my phone either until after a reboot, despite being marked as Sent.
  15. I think it just hasn't sold, to be honest.

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