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  1. ZTE still trolling all the UK folks I see...
  2. Wow! This phone looks a lot better than the previous design that reminded me of a HTC phone. I really really hope it does come to the UK at under £250. Waited long enough to upgrade to something with a lot better specs and I hope this can be that phone. Any idea when we might get it in the UK? Christmas? Earlier?
  3. Sir_Didymus

    Soo, anyone got one?

    Hmm here's hoping the ZTE Era comes in for less than £250 because it's not looking likely with the Grand X selling for 200 and even more simfree. I think it will enter the market at around £300 and then drop towards the £250 mark eventually.
  4. Sir_Didymus

    [ROM] [ AtomicMod ] [UPDATED 22/06/12]

    Well, that sucks. Desperate for a new phone but don't want to waste my money on something that will be out of date in like a month or two. Guess I'll go back to waiting around for the next best thing. ZTE Era? Lol any idea when that's coming? If you Google ZTE Era it shows the device at Handtec for £253 but when you go into their website there's no price. I'm guessing they're maybe expecting it to be around that kind of figure but aren't sure or something?
  5. Sir_Didymus

    LG source: Ice Cream Sandwich IS coming to the 2X, 3D and Black.

    Is this official?? Will this ICS rom make the LG Optimus 2X as smooth as the ZTE Grand X looks in use?? Since they're like both the same specs right sharing more or less the same hardware?
  6. Sir_Didymus

    [ROM] [ AtomicMod ] [UPDATED 22/06/12]

    Hey guys just a few questions for a frustrated man who has been itching for an upgrade for a while now. Would buying the LG Optimus 2X be worth it since it's apparently getting official ICS soon?? I mean I can get the LG Optimus 2X for almost as cheap as the Huawei G300 off a friend. It's in really good condition too and he only wants around a 100 quid for it. Just a few questions though. Will the coming ICS rom be like the stock one that ZTE Grand X has? Will it be as smooth as the Grand X since they're like both the same specs right?? That's the only other phone I was considering really but it's been such a let down including the quoted price of £189.99 which turned out to be false not to mention the specs.
  7. Does the version of Android running on the device make that much of a difference to these benchmark tests? Maybe because the Grand X has a stock ICS rom it scored higher? I dunno.
  8. Don't think they got it wrong you know. ZTE even mention the lower specs on their UK devices website for the Grand X http://www.ztedevices.co.uk/specifications-grand-x.html
  9. Sir_Didymus

    #askmodaco - the ZTE Grand X and Huawei Honor are here!

    An unboxing and first impressions video on the Grand X
  10. An unboxing and first impressions video on the Grand X
  11. Sir_Didymus

    #askmodaco - the ZTE Grand X and Huawei Honor are here!

    How is the overall build quality of the Grand X? Is the screen quality any good?
  12. Can I just ask everyone quickly which launcher seems to be the quickest of the lot??
  13. Just flashed this on my brothers Huawei G300. After turning off the GPU rendering it's probably the best rom I've flashed on his phone by far. Not encountering any force closes or errors at the moment and the battery life seems awesome! Thanks Tillaz for the amazing work.
  14. A slightly better quick review on the Grand X Don't know what to do. Should I buy one? Should I wait for the Era?? Lol hate that feeling.
  15. Sir_Didymus

    ZTE announce the Grand X, priced at £189.99 prepay

    WTF is that cheemeChata??
  16. Yeah I was kinda wondering the same thing. Wondering if it will make much difference on this phone with it having only 512mb rom. Need to see a good video review of the phone showcasing the browser and general use. Just hope Stevelitchfield on YouTube isn't the one reviewing it. He'll be dissing it for not running Symbian or not having a 41mp camera.
  17. Any idea when the ZTE Era might land?? Still got £200 put away for a phone and wouldn't mind paying that little bit extra for something with the ZTE Era specs.
  18. Just thought I'd post a short hands-on review done by Slashgear on this phone http://www.slashgear.com/zte-grand-x-hands-on-18239093/
  19. Wondering if anyone has bought and recieved a G300 from Amazon and can confirm whether or not it's the black version or the silver and white version??
  20. Looks like we did get trolled by ZTE... =(
  21. Sir_Didymus

    ZTE announce the Grand X, priced at £189.99 prepay

    512mb ram? Bit disappointing since the similar LG Optimus 2X with a better camera is selling for £195 new at Expansys.
  22. Sir_Didymus

    ZTE UK 6 days count down, we think we know the answer

    Lol if this is what they mean by 'advanced gaming' ...I'm out. Lolol just too funny.
  23. Are we there yet?! Sorry, I meant is it out yet?! LOL! Not holding my breath but some of the crap ZTE come out with on their Twitter and Facebook feeds are hilarious. I ROFL'ed at this... ZTE UK ‏@ZTE_UK What are you expecting this summer...? They attached this link on that post... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151007426685819 Are we getting trolled by ZTE?! LOL!
  24. Thanks for the info Sere83. Was actually hoping that I was wrong and that we're finally going to see dual core phones under the £150 mark. Lol that's not going to happen anytime soon I suppose.

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