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  1. I have been trying this out on my ZTE Blade with KonstaT's cm10 installed and it doesn't work. "losetup -f" does nothing "mknod /dev/block/loop100 -b 7 100" works but losetup won't use it "losetup /dev/block/loop100 someImageFile" does nothing "losetup" run after all that doesn't list /dev/block/loop100 su does work. It is my own build with KonstaT's patches but I did try using busybox from his 2012-11-16 build. Same results. I guess I'll have to recompile busybox or something.
  2. The back button does the job. You'd have to press it twice to quit the screen you were entering data on.
  3. I really don't get why so many people complain about S2E. It is quite simple and failsafe for me. I have been using S2E with tilal6991's cm9 ROMs and with KonstaT's cm10 ROMs for several months now and after numerous upgrades and clean starts I haven't had the slightest difficulty with it. So here I post my procedure. I use the touch version of clockworkmod mentioned by targetbsp in the previous post. I use that to format my sd-ext partition. After flashing the ROM, the google-apps, I flash the simple2ext-v6-jb.zip found here : https://docs.google....QaFU/edit?pli=1 It installs the necessary scripts and the S2E app. Then I reboot, run the S2E app (it is often a bit slow to start), tell it to move the dalvik-cache and then reboot again. Finally I restore all my favourite apps and their data using Go Backup. I know several people say moving the dalvik-cache is bound to slow things down, but with my class 4 microsd I really don't see any speed difference whatever. Besides, having just the dalvik-cache on sd-ext survives nandroid restores better - if the sd-ext fails to restore, the next boot will be a little longer as it rebuilds the dalvik-cache in the right place (that is, on sd-ext) and I'm back in business.
  4. I'd just like to say that I use S2E to move my dalvik-cache to the sd. I have a class 4 sd and I really can't see the difference with leaving everything on nand. It is just as fast as far as I can tell, and safer with regards nandroid backups. I have known a nandroid backup to fail to restore sd-ext, so the rom just went and rebuilt the dalvik-cache and I was up and running again.
  5. Looks like good initiative to me. Indeed if you take any flashable rom zip and delete the system folder and most of the updater-script you can make a zip that just flashes a boot.img. However you are right not to offer support for random hacks. Your time is valuable to us as well as to you. Use it well, and a BIG thankyou.
  6. I have 165mb system, and 'df' says 156mb used.
  7. Oops! I thought that was the default, not just a reminder. Thankyou very much.
  8. Download it from here (the v6-jb version of course.) You will need a second partition on SD card formated as ext2, ext3 or ext4 You can do this on your PC or via ROM Manager or in Recovery Clockworkmod recovery has an option to repartition the sdcard - careful though, it wipes it completely. Flash the s2e zip you downloaded earlier. Run the s2e app. Select what you want to move to the sdcard and reboot.
  9. Here it is for what it is worth. http://pastebin.com/xDgtVh76 I still haven't ever got it to work. Might nose around some more later.
  10. Ok status report on my compiling efforts. My very first build installs and runs ok, didn't try to do very much with it. Then I applied the pdroid source patches and compiled again. That one works fine too. Now I have a working Konstat cm10 with pdroid running fine. I am chuffed. The pdroid autopatcher will be updated soon, though if anyone is in a hurry I could send a flashable zip of the necessary files.
  11. I have finally dissected the boot image produced by the linux script on konstat's cm10. Found the following lines in init.rc # mount mtd partitions # Mount /system rw first to give the filesystem a chance to save a checkpoint mount ext2 [email protected]/mnt/sdcard/multiboot/ /system mount ext2 [email protected]/mnt/sdcard/multiboot/ /system ro remount mount ext2 [email protected]/mnt/sdcard/multiboot/ /data nosuid nodev shouldn't they say something more like mount ext2 [email protected]/mnt/sdcard/multiboot/NAME_OF_IMAGE_FILE /system I think I have found the error. line 240 in makelooprom in the linux kit if [ JELLYBEAN == Y ] || [ JELLYBEAN == y ] shouldn't that be if [ $JELLYBEAN == Y ] || [ $JELLYBEAN == y ] And finally. Why does makeloopgapps need to know which data image file to use? In theory it really doesn't need to.
  12. You would do better to READ. Didn't I give you a link to the instructions for a new install in my post? You would get along better if you tried to read and understand the instructions the script gives you as well. For example... If you don't want to make an image file, where is it going to put itself? If you didn't create an image file, you don't have an image file and this question is bizarre. Isn't it?
  13. @gunapriyan: if you are following the instructions you quoted the script won't ask you for the size because you told it you already had an image file. The first two answers are WRONG. There is another post with a big printout like that, the ones you quoted are for upgrading an existing loop install, not for creating a new one. See these ones I have been trying myself. Used the latest linux script on Konstat's latest cm10 creating new system and data image files. Copied the multiboot folder to the sdcard. Flashed. Did everything exactly as said several times in the thread. Stuck on the green android. Tried running the V5 android script on a plain Konstat latest cm10 install to create a loopboot konstat cm10. Same problem. Strange. I am pretty sure I got the filenames right, but I haven't dissected the resulting boot image files to see what they try to do. I can post the output of the linux script if you like.
  14. I confess I am a bit of a newbie here, I am glad I got so far. Could anyone tell me the commands needed to revert that change? I know I could do a git checkout in that part of the android source tree and manually remove those 9 characters from that file, but that's cheating. I thought that Konstat's github stuff was all pulled in after I created the .repo/local_manifest.xml file. Am I right? Then I had to apply the patches. No one in this thread has ever said how, nor in the cm9 compiling thread, like it was supposed to be obvious. Took me a short while so I'll say what I did. The device/zte/blade/patches folder has a few subdirs. Lets take one as an example: frameworks_av Its contents should be copied to your_android_src/frameworks/av[/code] Then in that directory you should do [code]git am *.patch[/code] @sej7278: your patches should be applied in the following dirs, is that right? build.patch in [code]your_android_src/build[/code] device.patch in [code]your_android_src/device/zte/blade[/code] fw_av.patch in [code]your_android_src/frameworks/av[/code] and the others similarly trebuchet.patch in [code]your_android_src/packages/apps/Trebuchet[/code] vendor.patch in [CODE]your_android_src/vendor/cm[/code]
  15. I saw the camera was working, so I tried it. Verrry nice! Congrats! LBE doesn't work yet so I have been trying to compile it myself with the goal of applying the pdroid patches. Seems to have gone alright. I will report back on my success/failure. Just a quick question for the mo. The size of the output. Decompressing the output zip gives something much bigger than KonstaT's build, even after trimming away the tts folder and most of the multimedia. Looking a bit closer reveals that the apps folder is nearly twice the size of his, and is full of surprises, the biggest being Trebuchet.apk. His weighs in at just 594K and mine weighs in at 12M. Wow. Could the difference be in the build target? @KonstaT do you use for lunch cm_blade-userdebug the builds you publish? Could I get away with copying the apps from the official build into my zip?

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