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  1. I also have this problem. I have ICS. I tried boing back to GB, root/unroot, whatever nothing worked. As it seemed heat releated, I put it in the frifge (in a plastic bag) and used the tethering feature. I was connected with my pc for over an hour and no issue appeared. I took it out, and 5 minutes later, I got this @!#$ 'x' in the network bar. I think it is a more complex than just heating issue. It can be software/firmware related or hardware related. It drove me mad, and changed phone... Too bad because I really liked it.
  2. Seems very similar to the problem I have. Do you have the network bars with a small x on them? I haven't checked the IMEI thing, I will have a look as soon as I get home.
  3. :) Yeap! That's what I wrote ;) (or edited)
  4. Yeah, actually it is a EU law. But they refuse, so it's going to be done the hard way (consumer association and so on)
  5. Yeah, better to put it back to stock if you want to have it replaced by Orange. I'm currently fighting with Orange to get it replaced. The problem is that I no longuer have an orange contract, just an orange phone, and they say the warranty no longer applies...
  6. By the way, has anybody ever managed to remove the battery of the OSD? I was thinking that if there is a problem in the Power Managment unit, the only way to properly reset it is to cut the power supply. I tried pulling the battery cables but it didn't come out...
  7. I'm in France, and I don't use OSD with Orange network but with Free Mobile. Roger, have you tested putting the phone in the fridge, and use it as a hotspot? Might sound stupid, but I tested that last week and I could keep the network up for quite long. Don't leave it too long though! This is why was thinking of an overheating problem. Even though, it is not warm at touch. And also, how long have you been using your phone?
  8. You IMEI is also printed/engraved in the microsim tray: One side says TOP/HAUT, the other side has the IMEI number, and PID number (whatever that is).You can also find the IMEI in the original box.
  9. Yeah, I've already had the back off, I wanted to remove the battery to do a complete reset of all the chips (while battery is connected, there are parts that are still powered) but didn't manage to take it off. I was affraid that I would break the battery cables. I'll try loosening the three screws and see what happens. Thanks!
  10. Hi guys, After having an OSD for 6 months I'm starting to have some issues: Here is how it started 3 weeks ago, whenever I was enabling 3g data and downloading stuff on google play/ or surf, I would completely loose gsm/3g connectivity. If I would turn airplane mode on, I couldn't get if off (the option is grayed out). Then, it started doing the same thing when I was using the WiFi. And now, it does it even when I have it in the pocket of my jeans. Whenever the device gets just a little warm (not even hot, just warm) it looses connectivity. I need to wait a little and reboot it. Has anybody else had any similar issue? Thanks a lot!
  11. I have an unlocked OSD. If you need me to check any file, no problem.
  12. Great! I don't even need to do anything! Thanks a lot!
  13. Actually, I'm looking how to extract the update.zip from the phone
  14. Hey guys, I have an Orange san diego ("Orange avec Intel Inside" to be precise) and I absolutely love it. On orange France website I was not able to find ICS, so I updated it with Xolo ICS. I also tried Orange UK ICS but didn't like it so got back to Xolo version. Now I got a second OSD, for my girlfriend. I got it from ebay, still french version, and was expecting it to be on Gingerbread. And surprise, it is on ICS. So I wanted to make a backup of the french ICS just in case I need to replace the Xolo ICS for the warrenty. Only thing is... I don't know how to do that... If anyone can give me a hint, I would very much appreciate it!
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