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  1. Maybe you could release the next update that includes dark theme. It looks very nice. :)
  2. Does it include new ceco's kernel that fixes some graphical glitches?
  3. I downloaded kernel from the second post update-boot-4.2.2-20130227.zip and just flashed it over Mohamed's build. That's all.
  4. Every time i unlock, free ram dropps. I have ended up with only 90mb and then had to reboot. I use digital clock on the lockscreen.
  5. -Status/nav bar transparency is not working for me at all. -Pie not working for me when it's set to the bottom.
  6. Is there any way to delete system widgets from this ROM, because Performance widget slows down app drawer a bit (at least I think so). And there are also some widgets I don't need, and I'd like to get rid of them. Stock launcher is poor. I don't like it. Nova launcher is very fast and customizable... Ps... Great ROM! I never tought that I would prefer this one over Tilal's CM which is also superb. )
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