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  1. Isn't allowing Play Store access (which they are currently doing) illegal then as it goes against Google's terms of use?
  2. Just a note that the google account manager seems stall and crash on the last 2 builds I've used. B08 and B01 I think. Nothing major though.
  3. Awesome mate, cheers. OTA worked perfectly. :D
  4. Beavers

    Orange ICS Update

    Orange don't seem to have any stock of it. Probably phasing it out like Voda did with the G300.
  5. Beavers

    Orange ICS Update

    I have a feeling they will become obsolete soon though, but I guess that is the way with all Android devices. I'll give it a few days thinking time. And simlock will be a deal breaker as I wanna be on GiffGaff.
  6. Beavers

    Orange ICS Update

    Genuinely quite tempted to sell my G300 and get one of these now after seeing root access and stock ICS. What do you guys think? If I can bag a SD for ~ £130 would it be worth it from my G300?
  7. Mine looks the same on latest version.
  8. Not sure if it is a problem with this rom (I think B926 stock used to do it aswell) but when I go to college I have a long period of having no signal and then after leaving I have to either reboot the phone or switch aeroplane mode on then off to regain signal. Not a problem really just thought I'd let you know.
  9. Tillaz could you please let us know when the correct version is up again? Cheers.
  10. I wondered why I just installed the Beta 1 again.. :P
  11. I know this has probably been answered a million times but am I okay to go from the B934 Infusion Beta to the latest version just wiping caches or should I do a full wipe?
  12. Just a feature of Android I think to save energy. If you have WiFi speeds why would you want a H connection simultaneously?

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