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  1. Cheers anything-but, flashing the gapps zip after letting the rom boot up has sorted the wifi problem out :) Sorry for ignorance, but where do I find settings for the overclock?
  2. Great stuff! Screen off is working now. I'm still getting the wifi crash, not sure if I've done something wrong, I did full wipe etc. Is the over clocking tweakable?
  3. The wifi issue seems to have sorted out now. After the second freeze I removed battery then rebooted and all was fine and wifi was on.
  4. Awesome, thanks for the hard work Daz! Very zippy, particularly noticed an improvement in browser speed and rendering. I had the wi-fi crash as described in other issues. Following the crash on reboot the phone freezes at the CM load screen. Can't get past there. Have wiped/reinstalled and had the same crash again. Very promising though, looking forward to it becoming more and more stable over time. I'm off to chuck a fiver at your donation page :)
  5. Thanks for the heads up, reading the thread and it looks like the wait shouldn't be too long for CM10 for 2030 anyway \o/
  6. Is there a guide available on reverting to an older baseband? I'm on 2030 and would like to check out some CM10 goodness, courtesy of Daz :)
  7. Thanks Tillaz, could I request the CRT animation please? I miss it on B926 more than a grown man probably should!
  8. This is awesome, thanks Dazzozo! Two bits of feedback from me - on this latest update I've lost the backlight on the capacitive buttons. Also, on Netflix app it has video but no sound - is there anything I can do to sort this one in settings or is it somethiing that will come down the pipe in a future update? Thanks again, very smooth for a £100 phone.
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