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  1. Great ROM. Long time ago, I tried to swap partitions and screw it, and I lost internal SD. By installing this ROM, finally I can see again my internal SD and swap it. Also it runs like silk. Thank you!!!
  2. OK, nevermind, I reboot the phone and it works now. This is a very nice update, useful and beauty. Thanks Kyan!
  3. Ok, this is weird. Since I install this market, I can't install any apk from outside the market. The "install" button doesn't work, I touch it again an again and it doesn't highlight. But I can play the "cancel" button without problem. Can anyone please try it? See you!
  4. I also had that problem, but strangely fixed itself. I don't know what I did, but one day it doesn't work, and the next it works. Misteries of Android :ph34r: Kyan, this is far away the best ROM I try for my Ascend. I think I'll keep it forever! :wub:
  5. Hi everybody. Have this rom since a couple of days and I'm very happy with it, but i have a little issue that I want to fix. I explain: I listen to music in PlayerPro when I'm working, so I use a handfree headsets. The problem is that I can't play next song by keeping headsets button, it always open Google voice search. Is there any way to fix this? See you and thanks for this wonderful rom.
  6. Maybe is the card, I bougth a 16g 4 class Sandisk Card and since then it happen to me. But the ".nomedia" trick works, so I'll keep this card. The only music app that works with this issue is PowerAMP. See you!
  7. Hi, go to any explorer wich let you to find hidden files, and search for all ".nomedia" files. Delete all and maybe it works. This is happen to me every time I connect the sd to pc, it's a s*** Edit. I open a threat in HTCMania, an we are wondering, what ROM are you using?
  8. I don't know, I'm in Miui since first version. But a couple of times I flash a new version and forgot to make the wipes it happend to me too. See you!
  9. No, I made a backup and everything is going right. The only thing that doesn't work with huawei's backup is wifi settings, if I restore it there is no way to set on the wifi, but works with Titanium. See you! P.D. After a couple of days of full use, I have to say it's working perfect in all ways.
  10. Alkafer

    newbie ics help

  11. It works! I'm very happy, works perfect, no more folder issue! See you!
  12. Let's try! I hope it fix the extrange issue I have with folders, come back later to tell you. See you!
  13. I don't know, it happend just before flash it. Now I'm back on 2.8.17 and works fine, but it's slower than newest versions... I love MIUI, but seems like MIUI doesn't love me... :(

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