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  1. Hey guys, Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question! Have played around with using a few roms on my T-Mobile Vivacity (FnC, CM9, de-branded), but used the ZTE update tool to revert to stock as I wanted to start from scratch. My aim is to use the stock rom and darktremor's a2sd to utilise SD card space and remove some stock apps. However, after going back to stock with the ZTE update tool (which worked fine) I used amphoras' alternative method to flash CWM (), but now the phone won't boot past the green android logo. I can get into CWM though. So my question is, has flashing CWM removed the stock rom, or has something else gone wrong? I'm attempting to use the ZTE update tool again as I write, to revert back to stock so I can boot the phone again (fingers crossed) but I need to know if I have to install a new rom after flashing CWM. Thanks, Jamie
  2. Hey guys, No good news on my laptop yet (seems to be completely fubared, even after a fresh install of Vista), but I just used the ZTE update tool on my work computer and I've managed to get my phone switched on again! Will using this tool have reset my unlocking of the phone? In other words, will I have to follow the guide I originally used to unlock it again to use on GiffGaff? If so, I found that last time my internal memory filled up far too quickly and I had a hard time installing/updating apps. Pretty sure I used a stock ROM, as I wanted it to be as stable as possible, since I get pretty worried if anything messes up! Is there a good ROM to use that frees up as much internal space as possible? I'm looking ideally for something easy to use and that doesn't need frequent updating. Thanks to everyone that's helped me so far :)
  3. Thanks to everyone for all your help so far. Unfortunately I've had to put fixing this on hold for the moment, as my terrible luck has led my laptop to having (unrelated) boot issues too. Need to fix getting my laptop started up before I'm able to fix my phone. Sod's law that it would all go wrong at the same time :)
  4. To flash CWM, do I merely follow the instructions under "Installing Clockwork Mod Recovery Via ADB said:" in the following thread? http://www.modaco.com/topic/349128-how-to-rooting-unlocking-and-de-branding-your-zte-crescent-updated-now-complete/ Looks like it requires booting up the phone though, or is that just to enable USB debugging? If I ever disabled USB debugging (can't remember if I did!) am I now screwed, since I can't get onto my phone to switch it on? Apologies for so many questions. As I said, I'm a novice at all this, so what is probably very easy seems a bit of a mystery to me at the moment! Would anyone kindly link me to the instructions I need to flash CWM?
  5. Ah, I see. Which option would be easier/more preferable - getting CWM back or using the online update tool? Is the latter easy enough to find with a Google search or are there a number of update tools? Will have a little more time to look into this when I get home :)
  6. Thanks guys. I'm at work at the moment and don't have the phone with me, but will try when I get home. I did try holding power and vol - yesterday, and got through to a screen that just said 'FTM'. I was expecting an options menu, like when I unlocked it... Do I have to have the phone connected to my PC to see the options menu, or is it a problem that I'm just seeing the grey 'FTM' square when I press power and vol - ? Cheers
  7. Hi all, This is my first post on the forums - hope someone can help me! I've had a T-Mobile Vivacity for almost 4 months now, and have had it unlocked for use on Giffgaff using the instructions here: http://www.modaco.com/topic/349128-how-to-rooting-unlocking-and-de-branding-your-zte-crescent-updated-now-complete/ This unlock worked, and I've been using my phone fine for these 4 months. Recently, I've been having to turn my phone off-and-on occasionally as apps will persistently crash and result in a 'force close' message. Yesterday I turned off my phone because of this, but now when I turn it on, it gets past the green Android logo but gets stuck at the T-Mobile logo, occasionally refreshing with the logo popping up again. I've tried removing the battery etc, and also turning it on without the SD card in, but to no avail. Does anyone know how I can get my phone started again? I'm guessing that something keeps crashing whilst it is trying to boot, so that it can't get past the T-Mobile screen. I'm a novice when it comes to phone unlocking/flashing/ROMs etc, so I've not tried anything yet through fear of breaking the phone! Many thanks, Jamie

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