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  1. Returned to store. Tech said several other *blue* SGS3's had come in with the same issue, none in white. Replacement [new-in-box] blue one works great.
  2. I've been having an issue with my Sprint SGS3 where the screen won't turn on after sitting idle for awhile. It's happened at least a dozen times in the ~4 days I've been using the phone. I'm running completely stock, and it happened both before and after hte 6/29 OTA Sprint update. When I pull the phone out, sometimes I'll hit the power button to turn on the screen and nothing will happen. I can reboot the phone by holding down the power button for ~10 seconds to turn it off, then pressing again to turn on. It won't respond to anything else. Incoming calls ring on the other side (indicating the phone isn't off), but my sgs3 doesn't ring, the screen remains off, and there is no activity on the LEDs related to the incoming call. I did once have the issue while there was a notification in the background, so the notification LED was blinking (indicating the phone was definitely on), but nothing happened when I hit the power button. I found another reference that sounds similar here, but it's very much a 'beginners' site and doesnt have any solution: askmefast.com/How_do_i_stop_my_samsung_galaxy_s3_turning_off_when_idle-qna3190189.html It happened most recently with the phone sitting on my desk (no case), so it's definitely not me accidentally hitting the power button to turn off the phone. I haven't identified anything that influences whether this happens or not. Ideas?? Should I just try to return and just exchange for a different unit?
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