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  1. Unfortunately, i am not getting a boot on my Sprint HTC One on Modaco ToolKit 24 stock rom, of course rooted. worked fine on 23
  2. Thanks Paul. Any chance po box support can be enabled?
  3. Yup, it died earlier this week. Best bet would be to rip it from your device if you got it.
  4. Hey Paul, any chance you can get po boxes added?
  5. I've been able to get my Pre paid card, but my Citi card fails. :(
  6. No, just for Wallet, and no, it does not. Your probably mistaken with the caches. You can run deodexed filles on odex systems, as long as the specific deodexed files doesn't have an additional .odex file...
  7. Personally, Superuser. The latest also has temp unroot, and ota root keeper.
  8. Yea, Sprint has this app blocked, rumored to be due to the fact that they're making there own NFC payment app. I ended up calling Citi, and briefly explained it was added and working, got blocked, then there was an "update" and everything work's except my Citi card. She said It's been linked to my account, but if I did reset wallet, (which I did) that they'd have to remove my wallet account and card connection, and re-pair them around/after 24 hours. Hoping it works out. Going on a mini get away next week, and this would be cool to show off.
  9. Well looks like i have to try adding my card a few times. lol i just read your post, which should answer my question.
  10. Hey Guys, I'm using Paul's latest modded Wallet, which seems to be working properly as far as I can tell. Opened fine, added pre paid card fine, but is failing at adding my actual Citi card. Anybody have a clue as to what I could do, or is this expected? I'm on the HTC Evo 4G LTE on Sprint, which has unfortunately been blocked. I hope to get this resolved soon! Thanks in advance, and of course, thanks Paul!
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