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  1. I don't think it will be the final rom. This kind of great works won't stop unless you get a new device.
  2. I wanted to make it as an external memo just to transport some photos v.clips from time to time, not always . At all , it is good to know that it is possible to use it . Thanks for answering.
  3. Can I use a USB OTG cable to join my device to an external memory card or flash memory ,cos i extended the internal memo by INT2EXT+ script ? Does it work with skate ? and if so , will it be a usb storage or not ?
  4. Great work , C3CO . What are the steps for this rom to make the battery go far ? what tool may i use without issues?
  5. This rom doesn't fit mobiles with 200 m system size Why don't you make a release suits most mobiles ?
  6. Hi H3ROS, we are expecting good news, even if it is a new mod how long shall we wait ?
  7. Can you tell us the way to install this rom? cos i installed it in the normal way by wiping data , wiping cache , Wiping dalvik cache , formating system ,installing rom and Gapps and after that it stopped on green android what's up?
  8. H3ROS, I think you are preparing something big ,aren't you? We're waiting .
  9. As usual , great. Can you add next version a choice to put soft buttons on bottom , and add record button during calls ?
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