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  1. Hey there guys, So i wiped my old galaxy nexus before sending it back, Forgot to wipe google wallet before wiping the phone. Installed old google wallet, got stuck on initializing, When i went to Settings > more (to see if nfc was on) it crashed settings while old wallet was installed. So i uninstalled and found this one, Rooted my phone no problem, Pushed this to System/app and gave it all the permissions i could. Now it gets to activation, And hangs on "activating account" after i hit agree to the terms. TRIED The ADB clear notifications, it completes "Broadcast completed: Result=0" After clearing notifications it hangs all over again at "Activating Acccount" GAR! I was getting used to using wallet EVERYWHERE! And now they taketh it away! GAR! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I posted 6 photos on Facebook in the album "Spectral Sabers and Doggy Ravers" http://t.co/GrFhboq7

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