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  1. Sorry you're rigth. Fine. Testing rom for today....
  2. 1st Version download - Install - Error random offset.... :( Dinamo re-upload couldn't download, zip gets incompleted don't know why.. :(
  3. Sorry guys does it need to have init.d in the rom??? Thanks
  4. Sorry, didn't know OK fine. :) thanks, although its very very nice, smooth and good looking rom
  5. This is very weird, in my phone 2030 baseband. i keep getting Incorrect PIN duzents of times, but it doesn't lock my sim card...in loop in it just happens on this version, 0.3 or 1.1 .... any idea why??
  6. Me 2 but it doesn't seem easy, if it was CM based you could install samsung galaxy theme but it's not so guess it won't be an easy way...
  7. Yes and no, like when sliding not widget, widget it is built in the rom. Thanls Anyway
  8. where can i get widget bar? For Hacker_007 version?
  9. Forget it, install http://www.4shared.c..._s3_-1febr.html This version, it has italian, it has play store, all other things you can install from play store. Works fine, smooth and everything works. After installing + Install Seeder aplication :) it gets even smother
  10. The latest and rigth version is the one in this page posted by Dakok. Everything works fine. Just 2 things missing, Corporate E-Mail application and GoogleTalk, dispate that, gapps are included. Those two have to be installed manually. Touchscreen is nearly perfect, performance is very good, and battery life also very good.
  11. The latest version doesn't have any chinese apps...you may have installed an older version. Latest version is the zip named "B952_Bruno_s3 -1febr.zip"
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