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  1. I had a similar problem to you dear friend. What you need is called a wife. It holds everything you desire with all the advantages of boobs, at which you may stare.
  2. Can touchwiz from this ROM be extracted and installed on b940? I like this ROM though its very responsive but it could benefit from an update/repack.
  3. I don't think any one on theses forums has the right to complain about anything you do Daz on here. You're very dedicated and hardworking, plus you've made the main two daily roms I use (Cm9 and Cm10.) Though I don't use Tillaz modified roms, he is also a great asset to this community. But my point is if it hadn't of been for you two guys, we'd pretty much still have stock GB on this phone and it's not right, the entire communities expectations for development comes down on your head. No matter how talented it may be :P
  4. Yes flash works, but only in browser. On apps that use flash natively it doesn't work and as I said it doesn't render properly for me on mobile. Thank's for the suggestion though.
  5. Try FIlmOn, from the marketplace. They do all the UK stations free in HD regardless of where you are :) Damnit.... Too late.
  6. 2 reasons. Well one reason split into two parts. 1: FilmOn free Uk TV uses flash for the player. Doesn't render well in the browser. For that reason alone I downgraded from Cm10 until someone hax0rs it. 2: Porn: There are very few free HTML5 porn sites out there, unless you're into upskirting on youtube. I'm not here to judge. So there are reasons to stay on ICS. Reasons why people want a working CM9 or Ligux. I suspect that after Qiuis little princess tantrum didn't go in his favor that he probably won't be developing anything for this phone again. Which is only fair because he came off as a pre-madonna at best, or as an actual hinderence to the development community at worst. Daz will work on Cm10, Tillaz has Infusion. I'd be surprised if we actually see very many ports for this phone at this point, and I'm beginning to think that holding onto it, while it looses value, is a waste of time.
  7. We have ics and jb. I don't get what all the complaining is about... I also don't see the need of an entire thread for it.
  8. Threw a little something in your donation account there Daz. I'll put some more in once I get a working build :o
  9. Yeah Daz. I was playing around all day with it and I couldn't get my Sim detected. I don't know if it's because I downgraded to b89x from b92x via that 0 IMEI method. But after I went back to B89x I went CM9 -> b934 -> cm10. When I installed cm10 I formatted everything as requested. I installed cm10, then google apps with no issue. Cm10 boots no issue. No internet issues, No any issues, just the sim icon was the same as it was on the previous test build without RIL. I've tried to install a couple of logging programs to see what's going on but each time I install, for example, .logcat, it freezes on the reboot. I'm on Vodafone Ireland btw.
  10. Was your sim recognised? everything worked for me except for the sim not being picked up. I tried installing logcat but it kept hanging at the cm screen like you. Too tired to play about more right now.
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