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  1. I tried unplugging various ribbon cables to see if they have any effect or not, all of them did apart from the far top centre one right above the camera, i unplugged it and the phone continued to work no differently, its still running on USB power, so what does that ribbon cable power? If its not effecting that then whatever its connected to might be the problem?
  2. Is there any one particular circuit board that controls all this that could be at fault? I know all the boards ground through the back of the screen, this would be the most ideal reason for it to not be charging and only the main board working?
  3. Ive taken it apart again, bent all the earthing tabs back and I still cant get it to work :( no amaount of wriggling or anything makes any difference.
  4. Pretty much as it says in the title, ive replaced the cracked glass on my phone, every thing seems to work spot on apart from it wont pick up a network 'Emergancy calls only' the WiFi is blacked out, the blutooth isnt but when I try to switch it on it just goes back to off after 10 or so seconds and the battery wont charge it will only work plugged itno the charger, if I unplugged the charger the phone dies straight away and I know the battery has charge in it. Ive taken it apart a fair few times now to see if there are any ribbon cables or contacts that are broke but everything looks spot on! Any ideas thanks?
  5. Spent a few weeks now trying differnt ROMs, gone from Infusion to CM9, CM10.1 and Slim, all of them were very laggy, almost impossible to play games, cameras not working etc... Installed this one today and my phones never been so quick! Excellent stuff! Thank you very much!!!
  6. Thanks, uninstalling it worked, but know it keeps telling me theres not enough space ffor the updates? 280mb on the phone and a 1gb on the sd card?
  7. Have just updated to CM10.1 and all of a sudden the Simpsons Tapped out keeps force closing. In the report log it says somthing like 'JavaSecuirityExeption' Any ideas on this? Thanks :)
  8. Is there any ROM anyone can recommend for getting apps that are camera based to work properly? At the moment im on CM9 R10 and its excellent, very smooth, very good performance, everything else ive tried seems awful on my device or just isnt compatible with the apps I use. All the camera apps I use on this ROM seem to work (very slowly at taking pictures) but they work, apart from snap chat? It seems to take a picture ONLY (wont record a video) then after the 1 picture the screen is black, then it wont take a picture at all? I was going to use a stock ROM but I would also like rooting and all the benifits (performance wise) of a custom ROM? Thank you!
  9. When I installed a fresh CM9 ROM (or any CM ROM) there are sounds played when pressing buttons, locking and unlocking the clock screen, but after about a week it starts to not to certain ones then stops all together. Mines been like this for ages now just no UI sounds what so ever :( Anyone any ideas? Sorry if its been asked before but I have a look round :) Thanks :)
  10. Turns out it was the router (though hardwired devices were fine) it was my laptop that finally figured out the Wifi Key was wrong (even though it wasnt) So nice of the phone to actually tell me! Cheers for the replies :)
  11. All of a sudden my phones decided to not connect to any WiFi networks at all. All I get now is just connecting... Saved. connecting... Saved. and this just goes on forever. Nothing out of the ordinary has been done to the phone, was working fine this morning, hasnt been dropped, has barley been used apart from texting and phone calls, since I got home ive just got no WiFi anymore. Done the usual battery out etc, no differnce, last thing i want to do is flash a new rom as I loose everything unless its an OTA update :( G300 on CM9.1 Any help would be smashing :D thank youuuu!!!
  12. Is the camera patch in this ROM allowing 3rd party camera apps to work? Good work by the way!
  13. It had it on gingerbread and ive used it on froyo (2.2).
  14. Is there a fix out for the camera issue on CM10? or will it be differnt from this version as ones ICS and ones JB?
  15. Is there ANY camera apps that work properly on this ROM? Ive downloaded an MIUI one that worked well on 10.1 but the ROM was very unstable, gone back to R5 (CM10) and now this camera app doesnt work :(
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