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  1. Hey guys!! I haven't been on Modaco in about 13 months! . After a brief stint with the Vowney V5 i finally caved and bought the one plus one :). For anyone thinking of getting a new phone i would highly recommend it. I have yet to find a fault with this phone!
  2. One-Plus One. Enough said : http://oneplus.net/one#overview
  3. By reading the xda thread the source is only good for building for the xperia phone it is from so we might be stick with stock based ROM'S
  4. I have found my vowney to be very tough. I have dropped it once onto the co-op floor and on a hard wood floor at home without a scratch !!
  5. Its something to do with the router . I can't remember I found it on another forum but the fix only removed the message
  6. Well it depends if your modifying a ROM which is easier but building one from source takes longer and might be harder but I haven't tried the latter myself. Linux is usually the preferred os for developers as far as I know :P
  7. Its pretty bad I tried it yesterday. Nothing special just a semi themed skin
  8. Same but I had to install play store
  9. Nope maybe tillaz could have a look
  10. Yup I did this and added it manually
  11. MTK6589 Source support.wikomobile.com/kernel/CINK_FIVE_JB_Opensource_9841285.zip
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