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    huawei g300; lg p500
  1. tracasan

    NFC On Huawei Ascend G300

    wrong. i have a black one and no nfc pins...
  2. Can i flash the stk.apk on a samsung sIII?
  3. tracasan

    Your opinion,please !

    Latest CM9! By far the best, even better than GB
  4. After the update google play kept giving me "no connection error" so i did a full wipe and reinstalled everything. Everything works fine except the google.ro mobile site that keeps refreshing every 3 seconds. This only happens on the default browser though(chrome and opera display it fine)
  5. caller id lag is present for me on R3.
  6. A lot of apps are incompatible with my phone... even gmail. Will this be fixed in future builds?
  7. Correct me if i'm wrong, but i have some questions(as we all know vsync limits the fps to a certain value)..... seeing as enabling vsyinc would require even more cpu usage(and our cpu isn't quite the best),, wouldn't it be better to shut it off?(just curious and i'm looking forward to some convincing arguments) P.S.: excuse the typos and s***...i' drunk
  8. seems google play has a problem with my home wi-fi. tried a neighbours wi-fi and downloads work just fine. this is odd... everything works just fine exept downloads from google play...
  9. just checked it... everything looks fine with the date and time(tried it on manual but still unable to download)
  10. i am unable to install apps from google play using wi-fi. works with mobile data though.wiped everything and installed a fresh copy of R3, reflashed cwm 6, flashed gapps(did all of these twice jut to make sure).I don't think that it's because of my internet connection, websites and other downloads work great. any ideeas?
  11. New bug: flash videos that used to play flawlessly before,have huge lag now. also flash player is unstable and html5 player doesn't work. Tested on chrome, Firefox, opera and stock browser
  12. settings/system/status bar/tick brightness control
  13. i think tillaz has it as a flashable zip in the infusion thread so i'm guessing it works on infusion
  14. then do you think daz would be upset if i asked him to add some stuff, like density changer and built-in call recorder? :D
  15. for example my old p500 has a lot of CM 7.2 moded roms... so it is possible to mod a CM ROM. I'm sure that even if it's CM, there are still a few things that could be improved or cool features the some of us might want to have(for example call recording)

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