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  1. Revert back to the previous official rom, then update. I have the shortcuts and they are working fine....
  2. Damn, I thought to outsmart them :P Well then I hope the custom roms are stable enough so I can put it on my mothers phone. I won't be able to update it for a year or so, so if there is a bug, there is nothing I can do. That is why I prefer stock. At least, if there is an update, it will be easy to install.
  3. When you install the official rom for the G300, the phone limits the language choices to just 4 languages. When my imei however has changed to 0 because of downgrading to stock, after installation, I could choose all languages available in android, there was no vodafone crapware installed which is actually perfect. Now I have restored the imei number with the 5irom tool, and bang, gone are all the language options and the stupid Vodafone crapware has returned in an instant. I figured out it has to do with the 5.img, 10.img and 11.img files you are recovering. When I only recover the 5.img file (which is the biggest) the crapware does return, and I can again only choose 4 languages. However, when a different sim is entered (in my case a Dutch one) it automatically changes the language to Dutch, yet I cannot choose the language nor can I use it in the default android keyboard. Now I find this very irritating, the functionality is inside the ROM it is on the phone taking up space but arrogant Vodafone doesn't let me use it. Does anyone know if there is a way to edit the img files in a away that those stupid Vodafone limitations are gone? I don't want to use a custom rom because it is going to be my mother in the Netherlands that is going to use it and I want her to be able to update as soon as there is an update. I am living in Portugal so I cannot just go to her place to fix things. Another interesting fact. I backed up the imei before I made it simlock free. When I recovered the imei using those backup files, the phone was locked again. Fortunately with the unlock code I already had, I could unlock it again. So in those img files there is also the simlock setting hidden. I hope someone can help me out here.
  4. Okay that indeed looks a lot more elegant :) Now I understand why you bother to :P
  5. Well, with widgestsoid you can. There is a setting to put it in the statusbar just like the stock one. Only it looks a lot nicer and is fully customizable. You can even put it there without putting the widget on the homescreen (make that invizible) Oh and now by removing the other posts, my screenshot got lost. Well you got the picture I guess :) The website somehow yesterday did not load but somehow my message was posted three times..
  6. Why bother if we have widgetsoid 2.x for this. Works great and is fully customizable...
  7. broekhuijsen


    I found Android 2.3,V100R001C17B897 , hope I am not double posting. I have no idea what the changes are. Edit: Google translated the change log, nothing interesting I think... Description of the Update China Unicom customized 1 Fixed authentication type in the APN parameters; 2 mobile phone input method language with the system language automatically switch. Language Simplified Chinese Applicable Products Huawei of Ascend the G 300
  8. broekhuijsen

    B927 - My Experience.

    I did not run into the play store thingee yet. But the homescreen and widget reloading is quite annoying. I think I had the same on the 888 version, but I must say that I use ADW launcher, so maybe it is due to the launcher. Rebooting I had with the B926, spontaneous without BT enabled. On this rom I have used bluetooth a couple of times (headphones to listen to music) and sometimes the controls are very very very slow. I did not experience reboots though. The ringtone I don't know, but my alarm seems to wake me up every morning with something else than I programmed, and no this is not a feature :) The first time I installed the rom, I switched internal with SD card memory but that was a mistake. It should stay on internal, and then it uses the internal SD card memory. The first time it did not but after resetting everything to default and deleting all the caches etc, it seems to work fine. I can only access my SD card and my internal SD card, it is like the phone no longer sees the internal storage. I wish Huawei would ditch the partitions and just give us as much of available storage as possible. The camera works ok, but it is sluggish, I did not test video yet. Panorama seems to work great :) This is definitely not the finished product, it is far from fluid. But it's nice..... I am still counting on jelly bean one day to really get this phone rocking :)
  9. broekhuijsen

    --- DELETE THIS ---

    I always do a nanddroid back up... of course except for this time :) My fault.... :)
  10. broekhuijsen

    --- DELETE THIS ---

    Unfortunately I had to find out the hard way, this is not compatible with the roms that swap the internal memory with internal sd card. My phone got screwed up completely and I had to do a fresh install of everything.
  11. broekhuijsen

    Can the internal SD card be exchanged?

    Okay, I already thought they put in an SD card making it cheaper than the usually faster internal memory. But if it is just a partition, that can´t be the reason. Makes me wonder why on earth do they split up the memory into partitions then? Some software does not install on secondary memory so this is limiting the amount of memory you can use. It is not that after a fresh install you can still use the software that is on the secondary partition because usually you will have to reinstall everything again. And well, backups, you can perfectly save to an SD card. Now even when I try to restore settings from my SD card for certain applications made in my previous phone, it cannot find the applications because it is not expecting an extra SD card.
  12. Hi there, I was wondering the following. The phone mentions that there is an internal SD card built in the phone. Does anyone know if this really is a physical SD card? And if so, could we take it out and replace it with a bigger size? That would really be great, combined with the swap of internal sd card and internal memory this would turn this phone into an even better phone. If so, would it be possible to use this extra memory without any problems? Or would the rom just use 2 gb of it? Cheers...

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