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  1. Is this service still available. The link in the OP is down. I've emailed Korter but no response yet. Edit: Found the website nckserver.com. Giving that a try now
  2. Nicely done! I appreciate the time you've put into this. However To get the form to work you also need to enter the correct Product ID. The form gives the following help This doesn't work for many people including me, and I'm still on stock GB. Frustrating. I'm sure I could e-mail them.....
  3. I have the same card from the same shop and experience similar problems except I don't get crashing apps. Sometimes the phone just has a problem reading the card and if I take it out and put it back in it reads fine. About a month ago it couldn't read it at all and neither could my PC. I formatted it using SDFormatter and it worked fine again. A few days ago I saw this thread and checked LOST.DIR. There were 3 files in there but the card was working fine. This morning the phone couldn't read the card at all. PC can't read it either. Well Windows shows 1 file named DOWN.LOA. When I look at the card using Recuva it says "Unable to read boot sector". I'm going to try a full format using the phone but I'm thinking I need a different card. I'm a very light user, have less than 2GB on the card, no music. It's not like the card is being written to or read from a lot.
  4. After you recover your stuff you could try out "SD Formatter". Just Google it. I think after a quick format your stuff might still be there on the card.
  5. I got crappy blurry photos too with the stock app on GB. After installing Camera360 photos are nice and sharp. The sensor is fine.
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