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  1. Would it be possible to make a Hangouts add-on? I believe there's space, I think it only needs <25mb
  2. Anyone tried changing the splash screen? Flashing the zips doesn't work for me... Something's changed in how splash screens work in recent android versions?
  3. Just an update, after having the signal-loss issue, I unlocked my bootloader (asked huawei for unlock code etc) and that seemed to fix it. :D Anyway, I've been using this rom for almost a few weeks now and I have to say that I love it! It's not too laggy, animations are smooth, I've had reboots happen every few days, mostly when unlocking the phone, the hybrid manager app has some bugs and some apps like 8tracks and TuneIn don't work very well but I'm guessing it's due to the app, not the rom. tl;dr - Unlocking the bootloader fixes signal drop, ROM is great, minor bugs
  4. Guys, I'm on RC1, it's awesome, the only problem I have is the signal loss. I'm just unavailable some times even though it looks like I have signal. Is there a way to fix this?
  5. Guys, is there a change log for the nightly versions?
  6. Rayman works, it's a bug on some phones, you just have to press the screen anywhere with one finger and tap with the other, trust me, i have it working...
  7. Ok, I used R8 since it came out and thought I should report back. I'll start by saying that this is the fastest ics rom I've used (not sure about gb). Smooth, fast, works with no bugs. I don't think I got the corrupt text once so idk what's with people saying they get it more that once a day(also restarting the app or the launcher fixed it on r3). I think the only downside is the battery life. It may be ok but wifi just destroys the battery which I hate. I also had a problem since R3, my phone would sometimes freeze when I turn on wifi, got it 3 or 4 times on R3 which I used for a while(~2 months?). I gradually stopped turning wifi off and it was no problem for me since it had almost no impact on battery life. Now on R8 and cant keep wifi on and have to toggle it frequently, sadly my phone froze when I turned on wifi the other day. It worked fine after a reboot as usually. Dunno if it's me and my phone or the rom 'cus I didn't have this problem before cm9.
  8. Confirmed! Battery life is better IMO... About that in-call volume, I had some issues with it, then I figured it out. Turns out if there is a lot of noise in the background the volume will get higher, if its quiet the volume will be ok. I know this because when I was making a phone on a street in the evening, its was kinda quiet and the volume was normal, but as a car went by me the volume got much higher and then went back to normal after the car passed. So it's not a bud i guess... As for the rom, it's great, I really like it, fast, responsive. If Daz fixes the mobile data eating the battery, i'd call it a final version...
  9. So it should have better battery life now? Sound good enough to give it a try! Thought I can also say (because i went from R3 straight to R7) that R3 had incredible battery life and it was awesome, so gj on that Daz... :D Though CM9 is the best even if I have to charge my phone every day...
  10. What can I do if I get a "Error restoring data" while restoring a backup? I was on R7 and I moved to CM10, I made a backup just before I did it. After an hour or so I wanted to go back to CM9 but while I was restoring I got an error while the data was restoring. Luckily I had a backup of R3 from last week so I restored that without errors. It wouldn't be that much of a problem but I made a few awesome skins in UCCW and I didn't extract, I just saved. If I could at least extract those somehow that would be great! I think it stops when it restores "[email protected]@[email protected]" I can remember now that between the 2 backups i installed gmail, maybe that has something to do with it?
  11. Does mobile data still drain the battery? I'm still on r3, it's been working great other than the fact that mobile data drains the battery really quickly...
  12. Hey, i had the same problem on my first ics rom. I fixed it by setting the sd card as the default storage, i think thats how i fixed it at least, all i know is I had the option to move apps after i set the default storage. I think its under memory in settings
  13. ...said no one ever... xD Just kidding... I wanna know if anyone fount this usable? The OS, not the port because as I understand the port is good...
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