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  1. Any chance of someone signing some boot logo zips that will flash on this. Tried stock huawei and andriod even the google logos but i think the problem lies with the fact that they were signed for ics. Anyways thanks for thegreat rom, been using for two days now and havent encountered any problems yet.
  2. update: Icon showed up so done the force close and away it went. Uninstalled it and two days running no show Thanks dalyer big help and some cudos comming your way :)
  3. Yep the threads were a big help, I will try the freeze it method next time it shows Just thinking back to when its been showing its either happening when Im in a low signal situation possibly when the phone is switching automatically between 2 and 3g I will run my phone without the sd card for couple of days to eliminate that theory
  4. Haha, I havnt cracked it yet but im now watching it to try and see a pattern, will try a couple of solutions from the links and will let you know. Friggin thing is trying to make a liar of me and hasnt showed up all day ;)
  5. It does show in the notification bar but does not bring up any thing when i click on it. This shows on my phone daily and only dissapears with a reboot. I cannot find a pattern as to when it loads and from what I can tell does not seem to affect the phone (In saying that i do experience bad reception and frequent gps drop offs or freezes but ive put that down to a mix of a poor reception area and low budget hardware). My APN settings are all correct as per listed on the voda nz community web. I havent had a chance to view the links yet but will get around to it tonite and I much appreciate responses Cheers guys ;)
  6. Top left. Does it have something to do with me sd card ??
  7. Your like the energizer battery that keeps on giving. Cheers and much appreciated ;)
  8. luvvt

    Power Toggles

    How did tillaz manage to modify his toggles, would have been nice to have that as a flasable mod
  9. How can you use either of those as a base when theyre not update apps but rather cwm flashes ???
  10. Just curious as to what everyone is using as their baseband, B926 used to be a common base but seeing there are lots of stock firmwares now released which is better ??
  11. luvvt

    [ROM][ICS-B952]Slim ROM

    Noted: I see in the op on the original thread that GPS has been optimised for spain, Quick question ?? I wonder if the reason I am having trouble with Nav is because I am not using the regional release that was meant for my ph. Also my reception issues although apn is set by by network sim could this also be an issue ??
  12. luvvt

    Buying this phone :)

    Infusion B06, Live in NZ, Hastings. Have always had trouble with this phones reception. Voda tell me that im in a black spot but there are two other phones here that get reasonable to excelent reception where as mine drops calls and flucuates in reception. Have used almost every rom here and their all the same so i figure thats its a hardware issue with phone not vodas coverage. Also went rural and lost reception alltogether and yet me mates SG2 had full recep. The next day i put my sim into my old 49 dollar nokia and presto the same area had full reception. Toggling between 2g and 3g give some relief but not what one should expect. Oh and this is my second g300 that got replaced because i took the first back for lack of reception.
  13. A little more on ubuntu http://thehackernews.com/2013/01/canonical-announces-ubuntu-for.html

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