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  1. It's a SJS00M. I have no use for the phone "as a phone", that's why i'm looking for other uses.
  2. I have here my old G300 that I don't use anymore (I use a nexus 4 and an iPhone 4 as backup). I started thinking I could use the g300 for something, but I really don't know what is possible to do with it. Is is possible to use it as web server (php/mysql)?. Can i install jdownloader in it to use it as a download server?. I suppose there's no way to install a normal linux in it, ala raspberry pi. Thanks.
  3. Disable DTS. Use external storage.
  4. Now i'm changing to a nexus 4 i'd like to thank you for your amazing work, it's been a pleasure using your rom.
  5. How can i get volume wake to work again with this rom?. It stopped working when I flashed link2int.
  6. Thanks. I'm a bit ashamed of not thinking of making a thread search...
  7. Is it possible to use Link2SD with this rom?
  8. Which GB rom are you guys using?
  9. I'd like to know this as well. I've been wanting to downgrade (2.3 is waaay faster) but I don't want to have the reboots.
  10. I had to do it from official ICS. I used B952 to unlock it, and then I installed again TWRP and Stock+.
  11. I officially unlocked my bootloader and the reboots are gone. No loss of signal either.
  12. How can i get the new google maps in stock+?. It requires 4.0.3 so i'm good, but there's no way to update my 6.14.4 google maps to the new version using play store.
  13. Does anyone know how to get the new version of google maps?. I read it works from Android OS 4.0.3, but when I try to update mine it says there are no updates available. I also tried installing google maps 7 for 4.1 but it didn't work. I'm using stock+ rom. I tried to edit the topic title (it should say: new google maps, how?) but I can't.

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