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  1. Lo usaría para jubilar mi huawei g300, que está viejito el pobre @andro4all http://t.co/QWbv5zq2Vd #MotoE

  2. It's a SJS00M. I have no use for the phone "as a phone", that's why i'm looking for other uses.
  3. RT @JuanGomezJurado: Si quieres 1 copia dedicada de "el Paciente" RT esto. Hay 10 para sortear entre todos los q RT. Y mira el trailer... h…

  4. I have here my old G300 that I don't use anymore (I use a nexus 4 and an iPhone 4 as backup). I started thinking I could use the g300 for something, but I really don't know what is possible to do with it. Is is possible to use it as web server (php/mysql)?. Can i install jdownloader in it to use it as a download server?. I suppose there's no way to install a normal linux in it, ala raspberry pi. Thanks.
  5. Me encanta la gente sin gracia que se cree graciosa. @AndreuTw

  6. RT @ivan_belgi: Dun Modr ali: 2 dps (lock-pollo-warr-rogue preferiblemente) L-V 16:15 a 18:15 min 520 ilvl compromiso y seriedad para el 5.…

  7. Now i'm changing to a nexus 4 i'd like to thank you for your amazing work, it's been a pleasure using your rom.
  8. How can i get volume wake to work again with this rom?. It stopped working when I flashed link2int.
  9. Thanks. I'm a bit ashamed of not thinking of making a thread search...
  10. I'd like to know this as well. I've been wanting to downgrade (2.3 is waaay faster) but I don't want to have the reboots.
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