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  1. I installed 4.2.2 at night while at 77% battery, downloading OTA and by the time installation completed it was down to 73%. 10-15 min usage on wifi and dropped to 71%. after that phone in sleep with wifi on and on 2G. 10 hours later its on 69%. I'm happy. BUT i did had problem like u on 4.2.1 before i install and did Battery Calibration. Its been good now.
  2. I use G300 for whatsapp, facebook with moderate use and few calls. with 2G(Edge) its last more then day and half on 2G or wifi. but on 3G not only battery drain in 2-3 hours but it get heated. Everything else like GPS, sync and most options are disabled.
  3. Thanks Dazz, You're legend. Wipe and did clean install. so far everything great for me including VOIP apps which never worked on CM10.
  4. This is my battery stats for almost 2 day on 2G with data and wifi disabled, its was on standby all the time. used for alarm for 2 mornings with total of 12 times alarm goes off with viberation. But when on standyby with 3G and data on.. its complete different story. at night it was 98% and 8 hours later down to 50%. everything else was disabled.
  5. I'm using Mobile Voip, Easy Voip and Nonoh Voip, all 3 apps crashs as soon as i hit dial button,
  6. installed R5...for me everything is working great apart from VOIP apps. thanks Dazz for ur hard work. keep it up
  7. Been using rc2 since it was out and working great since then... Apart from VOIP apps. Mobile VOIP. NONOH and easy VOIP getting closed as soon as i hit Dail button. Anyone else having issue with VOIP apps?
  8. Installed OTA from R1 to R2. Got message of signature fail etc but when i reboot R2 was installed HW overlay reset when reboot and nothing freez if its disable. Data usage fixed. Notification LED Fixed. Call volume is louder then before so its fixed. Sim contacts still missing. No option for default memory for apps. On lock screen or notification, still shows no service instead of network ID. other then these small bugs...its perfect and fast. Good work Dazz On VF B892, B936 and B952 i never got more then 2Mb/s DL speed on my EE(t-mobile) internet, on CM10 R1 and R2 i'm getting almost 5.8 Mb/s which is great because G300 is only capable of upto 7.2 Mb/s DL speed. this was on R1 few days ago
  9. Disable HW overlay has definitely works for me....didn't have any app freeze or notifection bar freeze...working everything fine since. No option for Sim contacts so if u can fix this in the next update. No option for default memory when installing app. everything installs on internal memory then have to move manually to sd card. No service instead of network name when pulling down notifianon bar but signals are full. i think its bug. Rendom 3G data connection loss and network drop. Rest its smooth and fast. most of the time my ram is free between 80 to 140mb with 120 app installed. back on B952 i had only 60 apps and all the time free ram was around 3-7 mb and phone very slow. Keep it up good work Dazz
  10. After using for almost 12 hours these are the bugs i found. Apps freeze Notification bar freeze. Mobile data count not working(wifi data count works fine) No Sim contacts to show option. No service message when pull down notification bar but have full mobile signals on top Panoramic camera not working( taking normal pics and video recording working fine Battery stats not correct( gets stuck at certain point and wont be showing correct stats until reboot) Notification Led issues Will post more detail if find any problem.
  11. I got almost 100 apps installed so maybe due to that its slow?
  12. Sim contacts can't be read and there isn't any option to show. look like its common problem with JB http://code.google.com/p/jellytime/issues/detail?id=26 Can it be fixed?
  13. Camera working for photo and video, Only panorama not working Wifi working great, no freeze or DC Mobile data works great and also no DC No other freezing for me at all....everything is working fine...no freeze on notification or anywhere So far so good.
  14. Bug? No service when pull down Notification bar instead of network name but on top bar it shows full signal. edited after restart its working so not a bug
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