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  1. Has anyone tested out the virtual card from Fortune51? (http://www.fortune51.com/aff/products/details/11/10-Preloaded-Virtual-Credit-Card-Reloadable) It's a reloadable card that supports AVS so should work with Google Wallet
  2. It's not just Canadian's that are having this problem. I'm from Australia and had the same disappearing problem. The only way I was able to get it back was to backup the app in Titanium Backup then remove all the data and the app completely off the phone. Then after a reset I put the Wallet apk back into the system/app folder and restored the data through Titanium Backup. This made Google Wallet stick around for long enough to be able to go into it and clear the data correctly but after that it just disappeared again. Hopefully this problem is fixed soon.
  3. I had this exact same thing happen on my Galaxy S III, App was there & then it just disappeared but even trying to defrost it in Titanium Backup does not make it appear any more. Is there a way to clear everything without bricking the secure element when the app can't be access?
  4. I've just set up the new Google Wallet version with my Australian Visa card by using a US address that I found on Google Maps & it was all added alright. This was with the new version by magn2o & the Visa card was the one that I had already set up for play store, just needed to add a US billing address to add it into Wallet. Will test it out tomorrow to make sure it fully works.
  5. Thanks faquick, it worked perfectly on my Galaxy S III. Now I just need to locate a rechargeable US based card that will work with this.
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