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  1. You shouldn't use this... You can, but it could be worse than better, actually, as it will override and modify a part of the rom stability.
  2. Ainillia

    Cu all guys

    GoodBye Thepasto ! You've been the liquid Master, so you will stay it ! Thank you for all you work ! You'll miss the community ! GNexus is a nice device :) Hope you're happy. Also, i'm "stealing" your topic to say that i quit too, as my Liquid is nearly dead, i can't phone with it from 3 days now. SIM Card isn't detected, and no signal. Seems dead, i've restored, reflashed, everything but nothing... So... <_< October is not my month ! I lost a hard drive, an external hard drive, my switch, and nearly my phone by the end of the month ! I'm cursed ! As i'm a student, and paying the university, i've no money to buy these things (no work neither donations) So i'll wait January or February just for a phone... The one who wants to phone me, i'm not avaliable x) "Holidays". <_< So, as thepasto, i'm leaving :( I had known this community from the beginning of the phone in Android 1.6 Donut. :P I had known many ROMs :P I'm a dev since some months so... I learned myself and with thepasto, i thank him so much. Thanks to the community ! GoodBye, Ainillia
  3. Hello, A V3 early bird version (one winged angel) has been leaked, named "CM72FV3-Ainillia-251012.zip". The file has been removed from the internet. I don't know who downloaded it, or leaked it, or anything else, but if this guy/girl recognises him/herself, please don't install it you could have problems. Thank you. Hope this person will NOT install it... <_<. If so, happy bugs/locked SIM card. :blush:.
  4. <troll> Yes the 3.6.1 from http://www.kernel.org/ it works, obviously... </troll>
  5. Thanks lupohirp, I had fixed the 3D perf, the audio libs, some kernel changes, optimized RAM management, optimized booting time by wiping boot RAM, updated apps, i had done a lot of work that i would release but... As my hard drive crashed :angry2: with all my data, files, and work :angry2: and i've not a new one yet <_< I'm slowed in my work <_< But thanks for the update ^_^ Note : Damn Gcc 4.7.2 is faster, and implemented some new functions that rocks in c++ :P
  6. Yes, with bad sectors, it makes a little "tic" or more, but me it's a "clic-clic" like from 0:12 (don't see how he repair it, i know)
  7. Yes had it. But i've some problem... Some days ago, my Hard Drive thank that would be the best moment to stop functionning. I was not able to detect it (was full of data, projects, rom, programs, sources,..) And to re-detect it, the only way was to low-level formt it. But i lost all my work on it, and all my files (i'm not a champion at making backups). Now the drive make a "clic-clic" when i start it, i think there's a hardware problem in it, but can't open it. So i think i will buy another one, but i've not the money for it now, as i'm a student... :( I searched all my drives and USB drives but i've only some liquid files/ROMs :unsure: Sorry, maybe another one :unsure: All this to say i've not. :blush:
  8. Yes, but WHERE is it, that's another problem... (And if i have it)
  9. gf, you sure this thing exists ? :blush: (kidding, but, bwaa..) Thanks, the secret dev ^_^ Thank you ! Was last answer maybe :P
  10. Thank you ! Thank you ! Never mind for donating ^_^ Brazil ? That's far from my country :blink: Thanks ! Thank you, master thepasto ^_^ Thank you ! Damn, if it could be true, my dreams... :( Thank you, anyway ! ^_^
  11. Thanks :) Lol'ed @signature xD Entiere internet ? xD Thanks :) Smelling some langage student here, thanks :) Damn i've worked all day and you're speaking of work ? *small thanks* :blush: Thank you ! :)
  12. ... It's my birthday ! :D And as i've no friends/gf, i've had only 4 happy birthday so i requets some happy birthdays ^_^ I'm 20 today :P Feel free to give me some €/$ too if you want to give me a little gift :wub: I post a bit late because i just came back from work and i've just finished to eat.. ~Happy Birthday to me~ // And Hello to all Forum users ! :)
  13. This is not a bug, actually, the phone can't go in deepsleep if wifi/data/sync/3G are activated (one of them, forgot which). And the screen must be off. Maybe someone can confirm the feature which locks the deepsleep mode.
  14. https://encrypted.google.com/#hl=fr&gs_nf=1&tok=XfPx4l_BPKenMFEC6M6eYg&cp=13&gs_id=1l&xhr=t&q=how+to+wait+patiently&pf=p&sclient=psy-ab&oq=how+to+wait+p&gs_l=&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.&fp=352668db896c4c9c&biw=1364&bih=664
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