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  1. It has been asked but not answered: is there any way I can Oc on this room with 2030 baseband? If not, why is the reason it's not possible anymore? Sorry but I'm not taking g300 development for more than 1 month :s
  2. its odd but swiftkey cant install dictionary with the latest build :S
  3. I can't get adb to work. I installed, uninstaled, rebooted, and everything but when i type fastboot devices i get nothing at all :S Anything I am doing wrong?
  4. Thanks for todays update daz. I don't have any issue at all in my daily use now. 0 crashes till now, 0 reboots (only trebuchet 1.0 from tilaz stopped working but I installed nova)
  5. I'm having to many problems with this version. How can I revert since I didn't made a backup? Thanks
  6. Epic trolling is epic. Having some issue on calls. People are telling me they can't hear me clearly and that my voice is failing every second. Will test it further.
  7. Should I do a clean install? I applied as an update. Anyway, android browser still closes when I try to login on Facebook. I'm doing something wrong or this is still a bug? Cheers for the update :)
  8. Good job and thanks for spending free time on this. I second the previous comment: most of us appreciate the efforts you all make to turn this low-end device in something that we can actually enjoy using.
  9. Vodafone Portugal, SIM card with 3-4 years. Not a single reboot till now (using r2 with overclock at 1.2ghz)
  10. I have it checked in build.prop. It wasn't the problem. Anyway, it's solved now :D
  11. Maybe I was using an outdated version not compatible with JB, I don't know :s
  12. I use 3G/Wifi all the time and I never had reboots but sometimes I see network signal being lost for a couple of seconds when using 3G. Btw, about the swiftkey crashes Daz, I'm now using the SK flow beta and it's running smoothly.
  13. Another issue that I didn't saw mentioned: swiftkey keeps crashing.
  14. non-touch version of FB doesn't seem like a viable solution for everyday use :S
  15. For me the most important bugs are the facebook crashes and the browser. Anyway, I still use this rom everyday since R2 'cause it's still the best out there: quick, 0 crashes of the OS till now, etc...

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