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  1. I am having trouble with my phone losing signal and requiring a total reboot to restore signal so thought I would try putting the stock orange ICS back on my phone, however I am having trouble with this resulting in my phone not starting (gets stuck at intel inside logo). The process I followed was: 1. root 2. Install orange boot logo 3. Flash orange ICS Here's the command output from the flashing process: http://hob.so/R9cB . Is the 'failed to copy' line significant? I can get the phone back working again using the 'Fix Bricked Phone' option but that still leaves me on xolo ICS. Can anyone help?
  2. Just figured it out so ignore that last question! Got signal booster installed, result!
  3. Not sure I have 'both boxes in adbd' checked. Where is it that I need to do that? On the phone somewhere?
  4. Yeah, I'm rooted. Is that the only pre-requisite for the signal boost? Do I just need to run the signalboost.apk on the phone then or are the files in /etc and /lib required too? I can't seem to browse the system partition so not sure how I would copy those files. Cheers for your help, appreciated!
  5. Awesome, that worked! Now I have another issue trying to install the signal booster. I get the following error: Please make your decision:42 * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 * * daemon started successfully * push: C:\SanDiego\tools\SignalBoost/app/signalboost.apk -> /system/app/signalboost.apk failed to copy 'C:\SanDiego\tools\SignalBoost/app/signalboost.apk' to '/system/app/signalboost.apk': Read-only file syst em Unable to chmod /system/app/ATProxy.apk: Read-only file system Unable to chmod /system/etc/rild.conf: No such file or directory Unable to chmod /system/lib/libganril.so: No such file or directory Unable to chmod /system/lib/libkineto.so: No such file or directory Unable to chmod /system/lib/librilswitch.so: No such file or directory Any idea how I can resolve that one?
  6. Well, I got the same error and am stuck trying to apply the same downgrade so will be interested in hearing any responses!
  7. I am having trouble downgrading the 27mb update so that I can then get root. When I attempt the operation this is the output: Please make your decision:32 * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 * * daemon started successfully * 3618 KB/s (800388 bytes in 0.216s) push: C:\SanDiego\tools\downgrade/recovery.img -> data/local/tmp/recovery.img push: C:\SanDiego\tools\downgrade/boot.img -> data/local/tmp/boot.img 2 files pushed. 0 files skipped. 2478 KB/s (16936960 bytes in 6.673s) open failed: Permission denied Can't read OSIP! recovery is an invalid entry name open failed: Permission denied Can't read OSIP! fastboot is an invalid entry name < waiting for device > Any ideas how I can get the downgrade working?
  8. jhob

    Ice Cream Sandwich Update

    Awesome, I'm now on ICS and have got rid of the orange bloatware and orangeness, proper result!
  9. Objects have jagged edges, focus is blurry, colours washed out and noisy. Did some direct comparisons with desire and there was no competition. Desire hands down.
  10. I asked @OrangeHelpers on twitter a couple of days ago and they couldn't give a date, not even a vague one :angry: . By all means pester them some more! I'm expecting a similar wait and on-going delays as I had waiting for orange to get their s*** together with the froyo update on my HTC Desire. It wasn't quick... Anyone else finding that the San Diego camera is pile of steaming crap?
  11. I have just bought a san diego, arriving tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing what it can do, should be a step up from my HTC Desire which I rooted and put cyanogenmod on. Be great if this phone can be rooted, I'll be keeping an eye on this topic with interest. Happy to help with testing if required.

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