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  1. I had Hynix memory on a previous board. After an accident involving cursor keys, backspace, enter and dd, I got a replacement board under warranty... Luckily this one has Samsung flash. Serendipity, eh! Good find Ge... err, Paul... err, Daz ;)
  2. An entertaining read - hats off to those who went down the garden path. Looks like Qualcomm specified 4.2 MR1 for a reason, eh. Yes, the userland changes depend on kernel side updates, hence the reference to particular CAF builds.
  3. Pot. Kettle. I simply stated that there is a reason why the CM threads are stickied. They provide a useful pointer for infrequent visitors to orient themselves amongst the mass of minor variants on Huawei's offerings in order that they find 3rd party firmware actually produced and maintained by capable developers. As for those who say it's all merely a matter of opinion; we're talking technology, not philosophy, Daz's CM ports are technically superior.
  4. Thats an edit. The original build.prop was accidentally left in the repack as build.prop~ :lol:
  5. I was actually looking at another B952 CWM repack, when I thought I was looking at the international (WW) version - I need to cleanup these folders of unpacked roms ;) So it seems that there at least 2 different versions of B952. I see the same differences as you looking comparing the WW CWM repack.
  6. Interesting. Which B952 version are you comparing with? I compared with the 'WW' release and the badge dumps are identical to B960.
  7. Nice one, Jack :) Just had a look at B960 in comparison to B952; there are changes to audio libs and the libbcc JIT library, and the kernel is also different. aapt reckons all the APK versions are the same.
  8. There is a reason why the CM threads are stickied.
  9. I've not read every script in that package - I can't be bothered - but I do know that daft stuff like automatic re-zip-aligning, clearing the cache and forced dexopt are not worth any impact to the boot time, whatsoever. Thats purely a negative tradeoff.
  10. In other words, no: It is a developer preview - it serves a useful function to developers and as curio for those who fancy having a play with a debian based distro running natively on the phone. For everyone else, it serves no function at all.
  11. I tested it a couple of days back and the patch set does not apply cleanly to 4.2.2. Autopatcher instead uses a prebuilt, in-place... Which may or may not cause issues. Given that 4.2.2 isn't officially supported yet, its definitely a case of YMMV at the moment.
  12. It is enabled, both for 2D and 3D rendering. It is however - as I understand it - disabled/non-functional for certain UI rendering operations. In short, you're not asking the right question.
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