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  1. Maybe someone can put together a list of custom roms but this is a list of official and unofficial STOCK roms only
  2. Would be very appreciated :)
  3. Ok then its only because I prefer GB to ICS. Just gotta hope that someone would be willing to do the work :)
  4. Wondering if overclocking can be done for GB roms?
  5. I prefer gingerbread to ice cream sandwich its much more speedy and no lag, as with ics its sometimes lags and less speedy in the performance Hopefully vodafone uk ICS Will Surprise us (HOPEFULLY)
  6. And Ive Mentioned You In Top Post
  7. Official And Unofficial Roms Some CWM And Some DLOAD B882 (Vodafone UK 2.3.6) - Dload B883 (Yoigo Spain 2.3.6) - CWM B884 (2.3.6) - Dload B885: (Vodafone UK 2.3.6) - Dload B886 (2.3.6) - Dload B888 (Symio 2.3.6) - CWM B891 (Vodafone ES 2.3.6) - Dload B892 (Vodafone UK 2.3.6)- Dload B894 (Vodafone ES 2.3.6)- CWM B895 (2.3.6) - Dload B926: (4.0.3)- Dload B927: (4.0.3)- Dload B934 (4.0.3 International Version)- Dload B936 (Vodafone NZ 4.0.3)- Dload ALL CREDIT GOES TO http://www.modaco.co...9-thejaimes111/
  8. okay will be looking into this and hopefully will have my own up and running custom rom thanks guys :)
  9. Could you please share the vendor as Ive download every UK vodafone rom and no vendor app is available would be great to share :)
  10. Hi guys I did already downgrade to gb on official huawei b892 its just when I downgraded there were no vodafone apps toggles but I believe when I restored my original first imei back up they returned thanks guys for all your help and comebacks with great answers :)
  11. Just wondering what you need to start your own rom I'm a geek that wants to learn more :)
  12. Brilliant thank you very much :) now will be easier to search for a rom that I would like to flash later down the line I'm abit obsessed with flashing it's kinda addictive lol
  13. Would be easier to select the roms from one place instead of having to search different forums. Thank you would be much appreciated :)
  14. Could you put the link up for b894 please :)

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