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  1. chippythewiz

    WiFi Broken

    OK I'm answering my own question but it might be useful to someone. I eventually traced the problem to a piece of software called "Open Garden". Though the problem is strictly with the this program and the last update. Not sure what the issue is but if you have this phone/tablet I sugest disabling this program for the time being. Works a treat on all my other devices :-( Open Garden: "Open Garden shares your Internet connection with your laptop, tablet or phone. No root access is required. To install the app on your laptop or for AT&T users looking for the APK, go to: https://opengarden.com It requires bluetooth and to be installed on all devices, such as your Android phone, laptop or tablet. Once installed devices automatically connect.
  2. chippythewiz

    WiFi Broken

    Hi Guys, is it only me but the WiFi on my Fonepad was fine when I first had it but after the latest update it has real difficulty maintaining a signal at any of the locations I use it. I am constantly getting prompted to switch to another WiFi SID. This style of helper never appears on any of the other Android devices I have, this is why I'm suspicious that this might be a manufacturers idea of an "enhancement" to the OS that is causing issues.
  3. chippythewiz

    landscape orientation when powered on setting?

    Came across this at XDA a 5 minute job with ES file explorer and seems to work great: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1800042 Requires root access obviously.

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