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  1. Hello, It's a long time since I've posted on here, back when I had a Huawei G300, I've since had a Nexus 4 (completely stock) and have now downgraded (?) to the more pocket friendly Moto G. However, I bought the Moto G second hand, the previous owner has rooted it and unlocked the bootloader. What I'd like to do is re-lock the bootloader, and flash the generic ROM (I can flash the ROM, that's not an issue) I'm just not sure how to re-lock the bootloader. Any help would be appreciated? Many thanks, HuaweiAscend (...with a Moto G!)
  2. Hello, I recently went from a G300 to an Ascend P1. There's a great community for the G300, but seemingly nothing for the P1?
  3. I've removed all the excess screens and only have one widget, just like it's always been.
  4. I don't have CWM or rooted, so I shouldn't have any lag... or so I'd have thought?
  5. I didn't have this issue prior to reloading B934, that's the weird thing.
  6. I've been running B934 for a long time, with no issues. Returning to home was instant, other than when leaving the browser when it took a few seconds for the home screen to populate. I swapped to B936, then back to B934 (clean installs via volume button method) and now I'm getting a couple of seconds lag when leaving messages or another app, and returning to the home screen. I only have one home screen, with the Huawei Weather Widget and 8 shortcuts. Any ideas? Thanks.
  7. I've found the opposite. The refresh time for the wallpaper when leaving an app is much slower than B934, and the Bluetooth reboots are back!
  8. Thanks for that. I've seen the references to speed, always a good thing. I'd like the ringtone issue to be fixed, but that's probably wishful thinking.
  9. Many thanks for the incredibly helpful response.
  10. I'm on T-Mobile at the minute, until tomorrow when my number ports back to Vodafone.
  11. I know that, but what changes have been seen by installing this? My phone isn't rooted, and I don't have CWM so there's no simple way for me to change between ROMs.
  12. Can no one summarise some of the changes they've found? I'm surprised. I've had a browse through the threads, but can't see much.
  13. Sorry, but 108 pages is a lot to read through... Does this have the same ringtone bug as the stock firmware, whereby it changes itself?
  14. Hello, Does anyone have a brief summary of changes from B934? Does it resolve the ringtone issue? Thanks!
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