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  1. Anyone else getting freezes when you use the phone whilst charging it? After about 20 minutes of charging when it's in use it freezes and needs the battery pulled, only thing keeping it from being a daily for me
  2. Ah, must've just been the settings i had it on. Twitch and tv catchup still show up blank though.
  3. Not sure exactly what it is but video lags a lot for me and just doesn't work on some apps
  4. It's a shame to have to de-grade back to cm9 after seeing how great cm10 is. Unfortunately the video thing is making me hold off using it for a daily.
  5. Updated via OTA and video on iplayer & twitch still not working. Would a normal wipe & flash solve the problem?
  6. Aw man, Twitch tv doesnt work on app or browser on cm10. Missing out on Yogscast livestreams :(
  7. Smooth as hell, great work Daz. Only issues i have had is notification bar freezing when pulled halfway down and lag on transitions when watching video, mainly on Youtube. Thanks so much for the rom.
  8. Aghh, OTA update didn't work for me so I flashed R3, and now It's freezing on reboot again <_< Glad I backed up all my data
  9. Could someone tell what exactly is the procedure when flashing this rom, this is the only from I have problems flashing with. It won't reboot after flashing, I just wipe all data like it says, but is there anything else like un/mount system etc. that could help?
  10. Could anyone help with the 'system UI has stopped' notification, anyone else had this and fixed it?
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