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  1. After a few days of testing I again returned to the factory rom. On a stock rom after 46 hours battery is at 64%, on H3Holo after 12h of standby battery drop down by 1%, but when i start to use the phone battery start to drop down every 5 sec by 1%. Think that only I have this issue.Otherwise rom looks great, but I now need a reliable battery and solid camera, stock rom and ics camera do the work
  2. Is it possible? Battery for zte skate 1600 mA
  3. serbia/bosnia and hercegovina-cirilc croatia-latinic
  4. Paun21


    Can anyone make a zip file with the original stock splash screen?
  5. np, but don't let us down sorry for double post, it so late for me, and i am a very sleepy
  6. I agree. Also, android market comes from prehistoric times, and you can not download apps tpt helper for example
  7. tnx My first impressions: Rom seems very fast. The settings are very confusing and scattered. Irritating screen saver
  8. zasto nije ispravno "nalog elektronske poste" ? meni je to bolje nego Nalog E-poste, ovo prvo je daleko pravilnije prevedeno jer je i samo email skracenica, to isto kao da ti u meniju stoji sms umesto "poruke" . Ako kontas sta hocu da kazem

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