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  1. Hi 77chedu great theme! Is this compatible with hktheme manager? Thanks Cheers
  2. hi snap.it I'm seeing " This script needs root to run some operations, you're not root so I'm exiting." on terminal emulator. i'm using zte blade running adroid 4.4.2 cm11 by zeelog, what should I do? thanks edit: Got it now :-) sorry.. will ask later if there's a problem. edit: ================================================= Loop ROM converter by Snap.IT (www.modaco.com) ================================================= Do you want to make an image file to hold the system for this ROM? (not neccessary if it's an upgrade from a previous ROM) Y for yes N for no. y What do you want to call your system image? (give it a name you'll remember, like cm-7-system for a cm-7 loop install) cm-10.1-system What size do you want your system image to be (in MB's)? (WARNING: if you make it too small your ROM +other packages like gapps might not fit, make it 250) 300 307200+0 records in 307200+0 records out 314572800 bytes transferred in 59.051 secs (5327137 bytes/sec) losetup: /sdcard/multiboot/system-loop-files/cm-10.1-system: No such file or directory Could not stat /dev/block/loop10 --- No such file or directory The device apparently does not exist; did you specify it correctly? losetup: /dev/block/loop10: No such file or directory Do you want to make an image file to hold the data for this ROM? (not necessary if it's an upgrade from a previous ROM or you want to share a data image with another ROM) Y for yes N for no.
  3. oh thank you so much zeelog. :-) Edit: what is the correct permissions should be applied? i've set to 640 and rebooted but still i don't see emoji. Edit: my bad it should be set to 644 and i can see them now but there's another problem, when i select one and send it it displays nothing :-(
  4. Hi zeelog, is Emoji working on this rom or is been working and its just not to me? i'm on 03-31-14 version and i can't see Emoji on Smartkeyboard pro even Emoji is enabled. thanks and thanks for the new update, downloading it now :) Edit: forget the emoji, I just realized that i have to use third party app for emoji to work. perhaps, if you could tell that it is possible to use emoji on default android 4.4 sms app :) thanks man.
  5. i had a problem with restoring sms from sms backup and TB, it seems that it has been restored when i open the messaging app but after few seconds all of the messages disappears. to sort this out, i just did install the latest release rom(20140331) over the previous release without wiping anything that way i still have my messages. thanks anyway for another update zeelog. keep it up.
  6. Resurrected via JTAG with sytem partition back to default :) and now it's running this Rom in full without trimmed. It just won't DIE.. :)
  7. Alright guys thanks, I remember my first time doing a tpt, my device lost RIL even I tried flashing all tpt styles on Amphoras so I went on doing custom tpt for my own and it was fixed. the problem is I forgot to build it. I'll try it again though, wish me luck. Edit: My blade finally died is this the end? after tpt it didn't boot. no sign of power or anything else.
  8. Hi zeelog, first of all I would like to thank you this great accomplishment of yours. I'm very happy having KK on my rusty Blade :) Just a few question, why I don't have Google Play installed on my device after installing the rom was it on purpose or it's my device that lacks system storage with only 160mb data. Sorry If I missed the issue about this.
  9. Wow! Great work KonstaT! Uhh.. Just one question before I'll make a move to this rom. Can I just backup Messages (SMS & MMS) from TB so i won't loose my SMS messages? Thanks!
  10. Indeed, I'm using 100% percent transparent status bar and it seems it work just fine with no issues only thing is it looks awkward for me with the white background on people app. can you make people app with transparent background as well? maybe it looks better i don't know how others would say but it looks good for me.
  11. Well, actualy I've been using these mods for a couple of days and i don't see any problem so i guess all I need to know is if these mods consumes more RAM and battery than the native mods from CM10.1 of Konstat or atleast it has some power and ram consumption differences. Thanks for the quick reply.
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