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  1. Why only today?!?! Now I have only till midnight to try it! -End of the World- I'm kidding! Great job!
  2. jventura, your builds seam to be nice! Why dont you try building a CM10 or a CM10.1?
  3. 1st - How is the internet browsing experience compared with the ics one? Did you made any changes on this? 2nd - Which launcher does it uses?
  4. Right.. But in mine opinion this one is still more stable than CM10... For instance, the camcorder is still not working on the new version.
  5. I don't know if you are not really getting the idea or just pretending, so I will explain it to you in a really baby simple way. Since this is not an official CM9 ROM the developer does some changes as well. In that sentence what I said was that the developer may have done some progress. Not something like he should do it! I think that you should stop trying to be the better guy here... I am actually very happy with this ROM, which means that I am very grateful. I am sorry to occupy this thread with these texts, since they are dedicated to the development but I had to justify what I wrote, not because "galorin", but because I dont want KonstaT to think that I am some idiot that thinks I command in him.Again, sorry and thanks.
  6. I know that the Devs arent our slaves! Could you please read what I sayd again to understand what I meant?
  7. Hi KonstaT again. I actually read that... But it is not just the CM team that is behind this rom, is it? I mean you could have done something by your own. Thanks anyway
  8. Hi KonstaT. I hope you don't mind if I ask... I want to install this rom again, but since you haven't made an update in a wile I was wondering if you are updating it soon. If it takes more than 3 days (more or less) I would wait..
  9. C3C0, Im very excited to try this ROM, but the last update was on 8-8-2012. My question is: are you updating this ROM soon or shall I just flash it now?
  10. There is no MIUI battery style anymore. I cant play Glow Hockey (1 or 2) because the screen tuns white. - never mind... I rebooted the phone and pluged the charger and then it worket... but while i was playing it turned all black now (im not joking xD), then I locked and unlocked it and it went normal again..
  11. Is it not possible to activate the CRT effect when blocking the phone? Is there a way to fix the radio?
  12. Hi KonstaT, your rom is the best ICS out there.. But it has a thing... The multitasking is really slow! Can you try to turn it faster? Or at least put an option to chose bettwen the ics style or the old one that we had on 2.x versions of android? Dont want to overload you... Its just a sugestion.
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