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  1. Yes, it's time to retire the trusty Blade as your main phone. You can still use it as an alarm clock or remote control. Newer phones are much smoother. Going back to the Blade on anything other than CM7 is a painfully slow experience! In addition to the phones mentioned above, and if you want to stay loyal to ZTE, the Blade Q Mini is a good buy (unlockable and rootable). You can stick Xposed Framework and Gravitybox on there for tweakability. See here and here for more info. There are ROMs, but they're Chinese in origin and offer little improvement on the stock Android 4.1.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Just installed the Google Camera from the Play Store, now both that camera and the stock are working fine!
  3. For the last two builds the camera force-closes on opening. Anyone else have this problem?
  4. Yeah, stick with Swedish Snow. You'll get frustrated with the slower (albeit amazing) KitKat ROM for everyday use. Buy a new phone if you must have a modern ROM.
  5. Thanks, but that's still 4.4.2. I think there were some issues with Google Play Services wakelocking, so I wanted one that's recent.
  6. Excellent, an update! Does anyone have a new 4.4.4 stripped-down GApps to go with it though?
  7. You can assign a task in the menu, there's a choice of a few. Anyway, I did a full wipe and re-installed 31/03. Everything seems to be fine now.
  8. Thanks for posting this, and I've done what you said, but I think my SMS Backup+ was working okay anyway with KitKat without doing this fix.
  9. Back on the 31/03 build. Anyone else's home button not working (single press only- double-tap does work)? Or does anyone know how to rectify this problem without a full wipe? I've also lost taskbar notifications. Notifications register through vibrate though, at least for GMail anyway...
  10. I'm having problems. I upgraded to 31.03 from 07.03 (wipe cache/wipe Dalvik/format system) but I had frequent random reboots. So I went back to 07.03 (wipe cache/wipe Dalvik/format system), but now some of my settings are messed up. The notification LED does random things like flashing or staying on permanently for no reason and my lock-screen seems to activate only whenever it feels like it!
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