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  1. As you can see no news from Paul here and in the Nexus threads. I guess my latest subscription was the last.
  2. Hello Paul, just got the key via email. Hope, that further updates will be less intricate.
  3. Hello Paul, when will the Pro/Noads key be available for those who purchased the app at least once at Play?
  4. Don't think so, because there is version 13 available according to the changelog. Although I only have version 11 and the URL is no longer valid :(
  5. Hello Paul, reinstalled and the battery meter is gone again. This happened only on the GNex. Strange.
  6. Just updated to 7 and guess what! The battery meter is back. Device did a soft reboot and I forced another reboot, but the icon stays. Done on my GNex with modaco ROM.
  7. Copying pkg.apk to a safe place, removing the app and installing from the apk did the trick. I'll update my revision as soon as installation works. Thank you.
  8. Hello Paul, even when I repeat myself: Both devices are Nexus without SD cards. Xposed framework is functional and toolbox 5 is installed and activated. I have tried with all mods activated and only the meter activated. No reaction, nada, niente. I didn't bake a new ROM, but used the one with most mods already enabled, except the meter. I don't have the toolbox in /data/apps and when I look at the comments, I'm not the only one having problems.
  9. OK, installed. v. 5. Still not working. Perhaps it would be better to get the whole thing working, before adding features. At the moment I pay for an app, I am out of being a beta tester. All I wanted was the duplicate meter removed. And what if the mod is already selected in the kitchen? Say NFC enabled via kitchen, what happens when I deselect it in the toolbox?
  10. Hello Paul, JR10 on Nexus 4 and JR16 on Galaxy Nexus. On both devices none of the mods are working. Both ROMs baked with circle meter and running Franco kernel. Dieter
  11. Removing the battery meter doesn't work. I've Modaco ROM installed with circle meter on Galaxy Nexus. Maybe that's the reason.
  12. Gallery still fc's whenever I open the stock camera app. It works with Camera ZOOM app. Same on Nexus 4 ROM, btw.
  13. Installed a new bake and got the stock battery meter with no option chosen. No battery meter would be cool. The ROM runs smoother now without Franco kernel. Bluetooth headphones loose connection every now and then, but that seems to be a 4.2.2 issue, because I've the same experience on my N4.
  14. Can't deactivate Bluetooth. Android stutters. Batter meter is really stock, even after reboot. Bad experience until now. Will try a new bake with your fixes now.
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